My clients have totally wow’d me with their transformations!


My Clients Have Totally Wow’d Me With Their Transformations!

As a young woman learning to navigate the world, Courtney has impacted my life in a big way. Over the course of three years, she has helped me learn the ropes of clean eating and body movement.

As a 21-year-old female, I now have a clear vision for the lifestyle I want to lead. Courtney has armed me with the mental tactics that will allow me to live the happy, healthy lifestyle that I thrive for.

Courtney is a very relatable teacher of health and wellness, and her energy for life is contagious. Over the course of my experience with Courtney, she has transformed from being my health coach to my biggest role model.

She is a rockstar, and she has taught me that I am one too!

Zoe Loudermilk

As a professional in the fitness industry, I thought I was doing everything right but I was not achieving results that I wanted. I was then introduced to Courtney through a webinar series and I realized I was doing everything wrong. I had the pleasure to work with Courtney for almost a year. Her goal is for you to understand your process and what you need to do in order to reach all of your goals. I was always grateful for her ability to motivate and coach me on a weekly basis and prepare me on what I needed to do to achieve success. She knew exactly what I needed to hear each week that I talked to her. Courtney’s compassion and knowledge helped me reach goals that I never thought were possible. I thank her for the knowledge that I now have to continue me through my process.
Kelli R.

Missoula, MT

Courtney is both unsurpassed and rare in her vibrant expression of caring professionalism. She holds the gold standard for the level of ongoing commitment, education, genuine inquisitiveness and joy she applies to the fitness vocation.
Sheri Lynn

Founder, www.genesistransformation.com

Having Courtney Townley in my life is the best gift I’ve given myself in a very long time. Try as I might to give up or give in, I keep finding my way back to her wisdom and inspiration and my life is so much better for it. My husband, a chiropractor, has sent several of his patients to her for exercise coaching with excellent results….no fear of hurting yourself with Courtney’s guidance!
Donna McKiernan

Kalispell, MT

Courtney has been my friend, mentor, coach confidant, teacher, instructor, and an inspiration in my life for what is now more appropriately measured in decades than years. What sets her apart and makes her so impactful on my life and all those she touches, is a unique sense of self. Her personal grounding, integrity and courage, underpins her innate curiosity and the studious rigor with which she approaches every fitness discipline, health exploration, and life lesson. Whether separated by a few feet, or a continent, I leave every conversation with her truly enriched.
Ellen Comerford

Owner, www.coredevie.com

Courtney may be the best coach I’ve worked with. She has a great perspective and complete wellness approach which doesn’t let you skip the work needed or avoid the tough questions in order to make lasting change with your life. I continue to come back to her again and again for the inspiration, but also for her ability to call forth each person’s personal power and to lead them into lasting empowerment. As a personal trainer and nutrition coach myself, I couldn’t ask for more in a coach than a woman who leads by example so beautifully you can’t help but get out into the world and live your best life!
Jenna A.

Whitefish, MT

She helped me gain more strength and stamina. Most importantly she made me strive more mentally as I gained more confidence in my body. She and the help of her inner circle really helped me to train for a double knee replacement, and kept encouraging me after the surgery. She is one amazing coach.
Jaci K.

Bigfork, MT

Courtney is a delight to work with, she teaches with the perfect blend of professionalism, warmth and knowledge. I am confident that you will reach your goals when working with Courtney, it is rare to find a more dedicated and passionate teacher!
Vicki B.

Portland, OR, MT

As my coach in the Genesis Transformation program over the last 16 months Courtney has been a huge part of my loosing 100 lbs and gaining strength, fitness and control over weight and lack of fitness that has plagued me for years. She explains things in a clear and logical way so I understand the changes my body and mind are going through.
Kelly E.

Chicago, IL, MT

I have known Courtney for about 12 years now. I am a health coach and trainer myself. She has played many roles in my life: mentor, health coach, business coach and a friend. I have hired Courtney on and off over the years and most recently as my business coach. I learn something from her every time we talk and I find her experience and knowledge invaluable. When I decided to create an online presence, it was a no-brainer that Courtney was my first choice – and the best choice!
Tracey G.

Madison, WI

I have never felt so accomplished and certain that I can and will achieve optimal health that fits my lifestyle as I navigate my wonderful, busy life.
Sydney S.

Kalispell, MT

I have had complications with my ankylosing spondylitis (inflammation of the spine) off and on since I was 18. It seemed like my arthritis had gone into remission during the time that I was having children. This was the case until about a year ago. I began having a lot of pain again, just like I had in the years prior to my children being born. As a stay at home mom with 3 little kids, having pain & not being able to move freely or at times not even being able to pick up my kids made my days difficult. I decided that I had to do something that would eliminate the problem, not just depend on prescription drugs to mask the pain. My mother, who had been taking classes from Courtney, strongly encouraged me to talk to her about my food choices.

Courtney became my health coach and has changed/influenced my life in so many ways. My pain is gone & I feel the best I have ever felt. Weight loss wasn’t my goal going into this process but I have lost 7 pounds and I am back to being as active as I was in college. I also had suffered from migraines my entire life. At least once a month I would get a migraine that would make me sick & put me in bed. About 4 months into my process with Courtney, I looked back and realized that I hadn’t had a migraine since I had changed my eating habits. This is still the case today. Migraines are no longer a part of my life and my husband & kids are so very grateful for that.

Courtney has also helped me become more aware of the stresses in my life and how to deal with them. She has helped me to realize my self worth and that we all as women deserve to be happy & feel fabulous. She has gotten me to the point that I feel great physically and is now so gently guiding me through the process of feeling great about myself inwardly. If you choose to let Courtney, in on your journey of life, you will be able to appreciate the wonderful gifts she has to offer. I am so very thankful for the changes she has brought about in my life.

Ellen Cundall

Tulelake, CA

I have worked with Courtney for nearly 5 years. I started with her in a class situation doing mat Pilates, and went on to personal train with her. The last 2 years or so, I have been in a small group training setting with Courtney challenging us every week. Courtney is the best. She always watches my form, has good modifications if there are bad joints or injuries. Her upbeat attitude and consistent energetic cheerfulness make working out – almost – fun!

Then there is her gift for food coaching. I started with another food coach and just wasn’t getting there. I had watched those around me who used Courtney as their food coach change very quickly. I switched and the rest is history. Courtney gives so much information, so quickly, in a short food coaching phone call that you better have pen and paper ready to take notes. EVERY time I talk to her, I learn something more to help me stay on track. Even after maintenance, I check in with her and she tweaks my eating so I can keep my weight where I want it to be. An inspirational woman to be sure!

Cary Hofstad

Kalispell, MT

I have worked with Courtney for over a year. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who has any desire whatsoever to increase health and well-being. She is incredibly supportive and knows when to hold your hand and when to hold your feet to the fire to help you get the results that you desire. Along my journey, she has been teaching me what I need to know to maintain my health for the rest of my life after I reach my goal. She supports me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She is AWESOME!
Stacie M.

Kalispell, MT

I have worked with Courtney for over a year. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who has any desire whatsoever to increase health and well-being. She is incredibly supportive and knows when to hold your hand and when to hold your feet to the fire to help you get the results that you desire. Along my journey, she has been teaching me what I need to know to maintain my health for the rest of my life after I reach my goal. She supports me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She is AWESOME!
Carrie H.

Kalispell, MT

Courtney’s devotion to changing the way women define health and her amazing ability to meet you where you are in that journey makes her the perfect combo of coach/mentor and fairy godmother. Her passion for movement and her insatiable quest for knowledge and personal growth are truly inspiring and are a personification of what grace and grit mean to me. Her podcast should be mandatory listening for every female on the planet.
Joleen Dee

Boulder, CO

I have spread the good word many times to friends and family. They all know I think the world of Courtney and she is my go to “authority” in all matters regarding nutrition, health and fitness. In the years I have known her I have learned to trust and depend upon her; she is always sensitive to physical limitations I may be dealing with even if its just aches and pains. I can always depend on her for a fun, constructive workout! Her cheerful “can do” attitude has helped me over many a rough patch in the gym and life in general. I am so grateful for her help and willingness to go the “extra mile” for me. I am depending on her now and in the future to keep me on the straight and narrow as I grow older!
Kay T.

Kalispell, MT

Courtney is the perfect coach for anyone who has a sincere desire and commitment to becoming “happier, healthier and more fit. She has an ability to inspire and motivate others through her knowledge, innovative ideas, positive attitude and energetic spirit. Her energy and passion for helping others along their path to health and vitality are contagious and inspirational. These skills and talents enable her to nurture each of her clients in her holistic approach to health.
As an educator, she keeps herself informed and up to date with the latest in science, fitness, health and wellness. As a mentor, she lives what she teaches and is continually striving to become her best. As a motivator and coach, she is thoughtful, intentional and caring. She challenges her clients along their journey, with an emphasis on making the journey fun.
Laini Gray

Fitness Professional and Lifestyle Coach

Courtney has been a coach and mentor for me for the past 2 1/2 years. I came to her with a goal to become as strong and fit as possible so that I could continue to enjoy all the things I do in spite of so many health issues. In less than a year, Courtney helped me replace fat with muscle and shed over 40lbs. My body fat percentages dropped from over 32% to less than 15%. My primary doctor at the Mayo Clinic in MN was in total awe, shock, and left speechless! He told me he had never seen anything like this before! All my tests and scans were absolutely remarkable. I felt vibrant, stronger than ever, and in the best health physically, mentally, and emotionally for the first time in my life! It was truly an incredible transformation. I have continued to work with Courtney and credit her with my continued success. Courtney knows exactly how to tailor a workout and food education so that her clients don’t just succeed but soar!! She is absolutely one of the best things in my life right now.
Terry H.

Kalispell, MT

Courtney is by far the best fitness instructor I have ever had. She keeps me motivated!
Ann J.

Olney, MT

Over the past four years, Courtney has been my coach, class instructor and personal mentor. In all those capacities, she has shown excellent knowledge of how to make fitness enjoyable and productive. Her emphasis on balance, stretching, diet, strength and endurance has been very effective. In addition, her unfailing friendly encouragement and helpfulness make working with her a real pleasure.
Anne B.

Kalispell, MT

I worked with Courtney after the birth of my son. Pregnant over 40 – it isn’t so easy to bounce back to pre-pregnancy weight & fitness level. I have been a practicing physical therapist for 20 years and have spent the last 10 of those years working in the personal training venue. Courtney is who I turned to in order to achieve my goals. She was a perfect match for me as she makes your sessions personal yet she keeps you accountable and on track with her professional & caring approach to coaching. She “gets it”. Courtney understands that life sometimes gets in the way but she manages to redirect your attention to the positives which make it easier to make it all happen.
Kris D., MSPT

Co-Owner, Quantum Fitness

What I would tell you about Courtney and her work is that she’s very passionate about her field and helping others to build confidence in moving and taking better care of their body. Courtney has an abundance of knowledge about the body nutritionally and physically and has a way of explaining and demonstrating like no other in all areas of health and fitness.
Ty F.

Kalispell, MT

Courtney is an outstanding trainer and coach. She has a passion for empowering her clients to lead more fulfilling lives. Her technical expertise is unsurpassed, but more importantly, she genuinely cares about the people she works with. She is an inspiration!
Marilynn N.

Whitefish, MT

Courtney has changed my life by teaching me how to change my thinking, my health goals, and my attitude towards my health. She’s amazing.
Christy P.

Courtney knows her stuff. Truly. She walks the talk and knows EXACTLY how to empower you and equip you with skills to embody true health. Seeking Courtney out to be my health coach was one of the best life decisions I have ever made and instead of fearing my future state of health, I now embrace it. I cannot thank her enough for all I have learned and the changes in my body.
Margaret D.

Courtney is one of the most inspirational women I know. I started my health and wellness journey with her, and over fifteen years later, I’m continue to learn from her wise words. She is always ahead of the wellness coaching curve, and has incredible amounts of energy, integrity and consciousness. I always feel stronger and more capable after working with her – she’s amazing!
Mary O.

Boulder, CO

I have worked with Courtney for at least six years. She is timely, always well prepared, focused and inspirational. She adds infinite variety to her class workouts and consistently and kindly directs her students to use proper form. Under Courtney’s direction, I saw a 5% increase in my bone density after a six year slide downward. She has also helped me achieve a level of fitness that I never dreamed I would reach at age 60 and has been a wonderful guide helping me improve my posture, coordination and confidence in my physical abilities.
Janette B.

Kalispell, MT

Driven, compassionate, inspirational, always learning as much as possible in order to share her passion and educate others. Courtney gives people what they need, and she does it through communicating, educating and motivating others to experience life with a fullness and peace they didn’t know possible.

She directs and encourages from her heart. Through many years of experience in the heath and wellness industry, with infinite knowledge, and a background in functional movement, Courtney is a leader in the field, at the forefront of a new way of health for the body and mind.

Courtney sees beyond the outer appearance, as she works to help others see the entire picture of what a healthy body not only looks like, but more importantly feels like; from healthy joints and tendons, to muscles, hormones, vital organs, and how they synchronize in everyday life.

Courtney pushes those around her to dig deeper, with a sense of urgency that today is a gift and tomorrow a treasure.

Daniel L.

Body Balance Fitness for Life

I’ve had Courtney as a trainer and coach for about five years and think she’s top-rate in every way. She has a terrific way of continually reminding her students about proper body alignment and position for all the exercises we do–it’s a priority and I love that she emphasizes it. She really “walks the talk” by her own commitment to conditioning, but is able to relate to even the most uncoordinated student with helpful explanations and encouragement. She has boundless energy and enthusiasm and approaches her classes with creativity: she never does the same routine twice, so we never know what to expect each class, except that we’ll get a great workout.

I’ve learned so much about fitness, health, and how my body works from Courtney–she’s helping me transform my late 50s into an exciting time of transforming my body rather than settling into old habits and patterns that no longer serve me. She’s a true inspiration and a very gifted teacher.

Nancy J.

Whitefish, MT

From start to finish, Courtney provides clear and accurate information, direction and support. I was pretty fit, with healthy eating habits to start, but Courtney really helped me see where I was “giving myself permission” to sabotage my fitness goals. With laser-beam focus and a large dose of humor, she helped me strip fat and build muscle in a sane and sustainable way. The complimentary use of accurate data, along with goal-setting and weekly accountability, helped me make the changes I wanted to make!

Allyson Bush

Art Therapy Teacher

I am stronger now than I have ever been and I also had to replace all the pants in my closet with a smaller size. (Save up ladies, you’ll need to go shopping for new clothes soon!) I thought this would be the most exciting part about working with Courtney, but it is not. I recently began personal training with her and am well on my way to doing the first handstands of my life and lifting heavy weights. I’ve also experienced parallel growth in other areas of my life, as a wife, mother, and musician.

Molly Mitchell

Molly Mitchell Music

As soon as I heard her voice I knew I was going to be ok. She will rock your world and change your life! I am going to be 60 this year and I feel amazing. I have set boundaries, have strong muscles, and look better than I ever have! I have my wings back!! She will be there for you every step of the way all you have to do is TRUST HER!!!

Tricia Touris

Interior Designer

I have one regret about hiring Courtney as a coach this past year: I wish I’d known about her sooner! At 61 years old, I felt certain the chances of improving my strength and fitness were well behind me; turns out I’d just never had the right teacher!

On the recommendation of some young people I trust, I hired Courtney because I needed someone to oversee an exercise program for me. I got that and coaching on so much more – overall health, nutrition, goal-setting, mindset, behavioral modifications…and the importance of extending grace to oneself along the journey. Courtney is impressively reality-based, patient, and compassionate, and she is fierce about helping her clients discover what works best for them – no cookie-cutter approach here.

I am so happy with the results I achieved: inches lost, clothes all fit again, improved posture, strength, and confidence, and – best of all – the lessons learned have made me optimistic about continuing to improve my health and ability to stay physically active for a long time to come. Every woman, of any age, deserves to benefit from Courtney’s excellence. I encourage everyone considering her as a coach to take the leap; you won’t regret it.

Mary Lynn Bernacchi

Chicago, IL

I hired Courtney because I wasn’t looking or feeling like my best self. I had just gone through a few major changes and I wasn’t sure how to find my way. I tried doing it alone, thinking I knew best and could figure it out, but it was a massive relief when I finally reached out for help. Courtney came by recommendation from a friend so I trusted in her abilities right from the start.

Since starting with Courtney I have experienced what it’s like to actually have energy. Real, sustainable energy; not just the two hours that come after a double espresso. This real and sustained energy has allowed me to do all of the things I’ve dreamed about doing, and is helping me dream even bigger. This has been such a massive win.

To anyone who is doubting to work with Courtney, try to first understand how rotten it feels to doubt yourself. “Am I doing this right? Am I eating too much? Am I a complete failure?” And then think about how it might feel to be free of that doubt. To be set on the right path, with the right assistance, with a process that works. Be willing to believe in yourself and do the work with Courtney!

Weekly check-ins with Courtney are keeping me consistent in my process. Every time I get off the phone with her I feel inspired and ready to keep up the good habits that she has helped me build. I can have some off days, even off weeks, but Courtney is always there to remind me of even the tiniest of steps I can take to stay on track with my progress. Consistency is absolutely key and Courtney is there helping me stick with it every step of the way. I am incredibly grateful and can’t recommend her enough. Like she always says, “your best years are ahead of you, not behind you!”

Heather White

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It doesn’t matter why you think you can’t. You absolutely CAN.

This is not just health coaching—it’s a personalized road map to the prime of your life. It’s coaching that will make today feel like the best days of your life are ahead of you, no matter where you’re at right now.

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