The Case FOR Expansion

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of I’d love it if you’d take a few moments out of your day to consider EXPANSION as a means to improve health, because I, for one, don’t think it is a topic women are making enough time for.

And I understand why…

For decades women have been sold the message that “smaller is better” but, sadly, that very message has created a world of hurt (quite literally).

The pursuit of being smaller (eating less, weighing less, fitting into smaller jeans and sculpting that bikini-ready body) is getting us nowhere fast (not convinced? just do a quick google search of the failure rate of the diet industry).

We are more psychologically and physiologically dis-eased than ever before which goes to show that pursuit of being smaller isn’t improving our health, it is depleting it.

So, what is a girl who does want to improve her health to do?

Here’s a suggestion: pursue the opposite.

Rather than setting goals in the pursuit of smallness, I am going to suggest that you pursue EXPANSION.

Hear me out…

I believe that the very reason that you and I are here on this planet is to expand into the best version of ourselves possible. I believe that by doing so, we can serve people in the most impactful way and help to make the world a bit softer and a whole lot brighter.

Personally, when I stopped pressuring myself to be smaller and started focusing on the expanding of own greatness, respecting my body, mind and soul it got a heck of a lot easier (dare I even say enjoyable) and my health has benefited tremendously.

No, the path towards expansion is certainly not all rainbows and butterflies.

It is full of challenging requirements like:

  • Going in and shedding light on the things that have kept you playing small.
  • Letting things go that no longer fit including people, things and ideas you have about yourself that prevent you from expanding.
  • Moving forward on faith because you can’t possibly predict all the benefits that await on the other side of you “taking the leap”.
  • Recognizing that you are worth the effort (at EVERY size) it will take to live life at a higher elevation.

While the path towards expansion is not easy, I would argue that in many ways it is EASIER than the path towards smallness.

As you move deeper into the year and consider where you’d like to be at the end of it, I really hope you will ask yourself the following question:

“Am I going to pursue smallness or am I going to pursue expanding into the best version of myself (of which improved health will most certainly be a by-product of, by the way)?”

I really hope for the world’s sake, it is the latter. The world sure could use the best and brightest version of you right now:)

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you incredible human.

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