4 Simple Questions You MUST Ask of Anything or Anyone Promising to Make You Stronger, Leaner and Healthier

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I have always been an excitable creature, easily convinced to try on new ideas, theories and methodologies, especially when it comes to anything aimed at improving human performance and optimizing health.

And because I have built a career based on health and fitness, I am presented with bucket-loads of opportunity to try out new diets, new exercise programs, new equipment…new everything!

I DO love my field and to hear of the latest and greatest use to make me feel like a special insider.   For years I thought it was a blessing, until all of the newness became too damn much.

I found myself spinning faster and faster to keep up with an overabundance of conventions, classes, certifications, and trainings.

I spun so fast, in fact, that I never really stopped to question any of it.

I figured if people more educated than me were telling me that their system or theory was the best thing out there…well…it must be true.  Most of them have LOTS of followers, so it had to be true.


WRONG!  So wrong.


I started feeling like I was drowning in a sea of information getting nowhere with my clients or with my own health goals.

I was exhausted and had learned how to dissect movement into such fine detail, I was no longer moving my body in a way that gave me joy.   And all of the dietary theories made my head so crazy I felt paralyzed about how to freaking eat.

“We must unlearn the constellation to see the stars.”

Jack Gilbert

A few things over the past few years (more on that in a later post), cracked me open and made me realize that so much of the education I paid a lot of money for was an built on an “ok” idea or two decorated with great marketing that wasn’t really helping anyone accomplish anything of great value (although it was certainly helping someone make some serious cake).

That revelation hit hard.  It meant waking up to the fact that much of what I had learned and applied wasn’t really working and I had a lot of UNLEARNING to do.

And who the hell wants to do that?!

People who are committed to being their best, that’s who!

I had to unlearn specialized movement and food systems to get back to the root of what it meant to really MOVE and NOURISH my body well, so I could help others do the same.

I did not like it one bit!!!  No, I did not!

Letting go is never easy, but as I started to let go of bits of false belief that I just knew weren’t serving me and seeking out things that made more sense to my body and mind…everything changed.

I became happier, healthier and an entirely new level of fit.

When it comes to health and wellness, are there are some theories or systems you have been sold that sounded amazing, you dished out a bunch of hard earned cash for, only to realize after months of effort, you were no better off?

  • Insanely low calorie diets?
  • Extreme cardio programs?
  • Systems promising 10lbs in 10 days?
  • Equipment that gives you a  6-pack by the time you are done reading this (just making sure you are paying attention!)?

Sound familiar??

How did that work for you in the long run?

No need to answer that.  It didn’t.

And, yet….

Those messages are crammed down your throat multiple times a day, and it makes you believe it should be working.

So you try it again and again and again.

Enough.  Let it go.

It is time to unlearn that crap and give your body the respect it deserves.

Before you invest in anything else to improve your health and fitness, ask yourself the following 4 questions:


1.  Is it REAL?

Are the claims too good to be true?  

Marketing is designed to get you to buy what you crave.  And who doesn’t want to lose fat fast, or gain muscle tomorrow, or only have to workout 10 minutes 3 times a week to look incredible and perform like an Olympic athlete?

Everyone wishes it were that easy, but that is not how big things happen.  Ever!

There is a price to pay for quick results and it typically comes in the form of muscle lost, energy depleted, and hormonal warfare.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is.  Back away, sweetheart.


In other words, is it making you SELF-RESPONSIBLE??

Are you learning how to change habits that will help you maintain your goals in the long run?

If the end game of what you are investing your money in is anything short the power and knowledge you need to navigate your own health successfully for the rest of your life, it is not a quality education.

3.  Will I have to get my hands DIRTY?

Nothing in life worth having comes without having to do some serious work.

If you are enticed by something because it promises that you won’t have to do much work, bang your head against the wall a few times and, SERIOUSLY, reconsider.

It is a trap!  Not a solution.

Stop messing around with empty promises about what you can accomplish in the LEAST amount of time with the least amount of effort.   Your lungs don’t breath for just a few minutes a day.  Your heart doesn’t beat for just an hour.  Your cells are working fiercely for you every minute of every day.

Your body is supporting you constantly.  How are you supporting it?

It is high time you return the favor by adopting a way of life that honors what your body needs and deserves.

4.  Is there a PROCESS to what I am learning?

Invest in a process that educates you to the point of setting you free from the teacher and any highly specialized equipment.

It is the ONLY way to ensure life long health.

If an exercise system is so complicated you can’t imagine ever doing it on your own. That is going to be a stumbling block eventually.

If you are relying on a way of eating that isn’t focused on changing habits, you will never maintain your goal in the long run.

Accomplishing great things in the future will require looking at what didn’t work well for you in the past.
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