Oh, the stories we tell ourselves…

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​I, for one, am truly a master at creating Oscar-worthy scripts in my head.

Ones ripe with dramatic storylines about all the ways I am screwing up this incredible shot I get at life.

AND because of my talent for creating dramatic storylines…

Every. Single. Day. I take time to rewrite those scripts to make sure they have an ending that works FOR ME and not against me. (I have talked about this process a lot on the Grace & Grit podcast)

It is a daily practice; one that I am prepared to do for the rest of my life because the human brain can take us to some crazy-ass places if we let it.

My brain, just like every human brain, needs a little (sometimes a massive amount of) parenting.

So every morning I do a brain dump to see what new drama my brain is trying to add to the storyline on this day.

Then, I do a lot of editing and a lot of rewriting to make sure the story is the one I want to be producing.

How about you?

What daily practices do you have for parenting your brain?

Oh, the stories we tell ourselves…

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