The Superpower You May Be Overlooking

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“We like to think of our champions and idols as superheroes who were born different from us. We don’t like to think of them as relatively ordinary people who made themselves extraordinary.”

Carol S. Dweck, Mindset

The Superpower You May Be OverlookingMindset

If we think of our champions and idols as ordinary people, our excuses would carry no weight and we would be faced with the fact that we too have what it takes to live an extraordinary life.

You have a mind, yes?  Then you have all you need to start down the road to exceptional living.

The mind has incredible power and it may be the closest thing we, mere mortals, will ever get to having a superpower.

Think about it…

The mind can elevate you to the pinnacle of your own greatness or it can make you want to retreat into the darkness of despair.  It inspires, transforms, challenges and creates. It also debilitates, injures, lies and destroys.   Your mind is the birthplace of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.   And…

The impact your mind will have to help or hinder your progress in life is your choice and your responsibility.


Pay Attention to the Tape That is Playing

Health does not grow in a negligent, hostile or toxic place, which the mind can certainly become without proper attention and direction. If you aren’t exerting consistent daily effort to keep your mindset nourished and alert, it can easily get stuck playing the tune of mediocrity, making progress downright impossible.

Change happens by making a different choice and making a different choice requires that you stay conscious of the choices you are making.

Mindlessness is not an option in a state of transformation because it robs you of your ability to make the best choice, paralyzing your ability to change and lead an extraordinary life.

Meditation, journaling, breathing and gratitude practices, affirmations, uplifting books, podcasts and people who ARE what you are STRIVING to become, can go a long way to establish a mindset that propels you closer to your goals.


Make Your WHY Louder Than Your WHAT

You know what you want, but do you know why you want it?

Is your WHY big enough to inspire you to exert the effort that your WHAT will require of you?

Spend some quality time daily reminding yourself WHY you are willing to do the hard work before you.

  • Read your goals and the whys behind them at the start of each day.
  • Create a reminder board (aka vision board) and put in a place you frequent often.
  • Set reminders on you phone about your WHY to inspire you throughout your day.
  • Speak of your WHY often to friends and family to keep the energy around it alive and growing.


Smash the Glass Ceiling

I am sure you can relate to a time that you reached a new height of success, only to do something to sabotage your success and bring you back to the lowlands of where you began.

I see women do this all of the time during their journey to improve their health.  They start to see some success from their efforts to eat better and move more often.  Maybe their energy increases, maybe they fit into a pair of jeans they haven’t worn in a few years, maybe someone comments on how happy they seem or how healthy they look. And that is precisely when they decide to give themselves permission to start down the slippery slope of compromise.  They may start skipping workouts, eat foods that don’t serve them, or invite the excuses back in the front door, all of which, of course,  brings progress to a screeching halt.

The next time you commit to big change and start getting some traction with your goals:

  • Stay alert to the temptations you may have to sabotage your best efforts.
  • Have an affirmation to help you reframe the moments you are tempted to compromise (mine is simply…”I will not give into what I want right now for what I want MOST”)
  • Stay connected to your support network and be transparent with the struggles you are having.  When we verbalize are struggles, they tend to lose some power and solutions will present themselves more easily.

There are many habit changes that can help you move closer to your goals, but working with your mindset should be the place where you dedicate the most time and attention.  Giving your mindset a little TLC throughout the day is so easy to do, that it is really easy not to do.  But if taking a few moments out of your day to check in with your mental chatter and change the dialog to one that feeds you rather than depletes you might just give you a superpower to conquer your dreams.

I would love to hear about the practices you have in place to help keep your head straight in the comments below.  And please feel free to share this!

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