The truth about resilience.


You will only be able to keep pushing if you give yourself permission to pause.

The nervous system is the currency of our health. It influences every cell, tissue, organ, and system in the human body. AND…

In order for the nervous system to do its job well, it needs us to oscillate between exertion and rest.

Needless to say, in a world telling us to do more, be more, achieve more…

It is all too easy to build a habit of shorting yourself on the second part of that equation… the rest (which isn’t just sleep, by the way).

“Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure” was the title of an article I read years ago on this subject and, combined with all that I have learned about health and wellness over the years, I now use that phrase as a sort of mantra in my life and my teaching.

Recharging isn’t necessarily “doing nothing” (although it absolutely can be).

It can also look like:

🤽 Play
🏔 Adventure
🎨 Creativity
💃🏽 Recreation (or re-creation as my friend @laini.gray likes to say)
🥰 Connection

… and so many other things that help you to decompress and regenerate.

Taking time to recharge is an act of devotion to the things you really care about because a well-nourished nervous system allows you to keep showing up in a powerful way!

The truth about resilience.

you incredible human.

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