The Woman Re-ignited

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A woman on fire to reclaim her health, happiness and, ultimately, her life, travels often with the unwelcomed company of doubt, fear and criticism.

She inches forward towards fulfillment despite the whispers next to her, behind her and within her.

Who do you think you are?

You don’t have enough time.

You are being selfish.

It is too hard.

You will never follow through.

It is just not possible.

You will have to sacrifice too much.

You are too much.

She distracts herself from the coarse chatter by following the trail of desire her heart has left for her.

The further she travels, the more electrified she becomes and the more distance she is able to put between herself and her deceitful companions.

A woman ignited by clarity and ambition is not chained to her past. Rather, she is MOVED by the possibility of her future so she commits ferociously, endures ceaselessly, and conquers daringly.

She wakes with the recognition that SHE is the one she has been seeking all along to:

Rescue her.

Love her.

Support her.

Guide her.

Permit her.

And her light explodes for all the world to see.

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