The Consistency Code 

Learn the 4 Essential Practices That Make Change Stick for Good

Are you ready to make this time... the last time?

For years I’ve worked with women like you, who want to improve their health and they commit with the very best intentions, only to find their resolve failing just a few weeks in.

It happens. And it’s not your fault.

You’re not a loser.
You’re not weak.
You’re not incapable.
There is nothing wrong with you.

There is, however, something wrong with your approach.

Enter: The Consistency Code

In this four-week course, I teach you the essential practices needed for a lifetime of healthy success.

This signature program used to be a paid, stand-alone course I offered only twice per year to help women just like you lay a healthy groundwork with sensible, sustainable habits.

It proved to be so successful in creating positive change in the thoughts and behavior of my clients, I realized that offering it twice a year wasn’t nearly enough.

My life’s mission is to help mend the fabric that is the current health story for women in today’s culture. To undo the damage done to women by our sick diet culture.

To uphold this mission, it’s my responsibility and my honor to teach you the essential practices in The Consistency Code as the very foundation for all other coaching programs I offer.

It will positively impact all areas of your life if you are willing to do the personal work. It was a very worthwhile investment and I was skeptical before committing. It is a fresh and intensive program for thought and behavior change. Dr. Celestine Arambulo

The key to building a sustainable healthy-lifestyle practice.

You will learn consistency with the practice of:

The Consistency Code: Awareness


Once you become more aware of how behavior change really works, it is time to get hyper-aware of the habits you have that are NOT promoting health, but in fact, robbing you of it. Once you have identified where exactly you can do better, we will work on creating a sensible and, above all, a sustainable pathway for helping you to practice the things that nourish your health, so you can shed the habits that are depleting it.

The Consistency Code: Organizing


You got to where you are by reacting with habits, many of which are not helping you achieve the level of health you truly crave. To get out of reaction mode and into a place of proactive choice, you must improve the practices of time management and organization around self-care. In this module, I will show you how to do that weekly and daily in the most efficient way possible so that you stay on track and make measurable progress you feel good about.

The Consistency Code: Showing Up


You’ve created time to take better care of yourself, you have made a plan for how you will specifically do it but none of that will matter if you negotiate, rationalize and compromise out of the work. So, in this module, you will learn how to build a practice of cultivating motivation, resilience and accountability daily and for the long haul so you consistently show up to take ACTION.

The Consistency Code: Mindset


Progress is NOT linear. If you’re learning, then you’re also making some mistakes. The work here is to stop focusing on perfection as the linchpin to progress and starting to use your mistakes and missteps to propel you forward. In this final module, I will help you shift your mindset so you can quickly realign yourself when you find yourself slipping back into old habits, and help you gracefully pivot when life throws you a curveball and you find yourself unable to maintain your self-care routine.

How Do I Know If The Consistency Code Is Right For Me?

The Consistency Code combines a rock-solid foundation and sustainable actions with the support and accountability you are looking for.

It is the toolbox that you’ll turn to again and again as you shift your mindset and behaviors for positive change.

I developed this program in response to years - decades, actually - of women experiencing pain points like the ones below - pain points you’ve likely experienced, too:

  • You have tried diet after diet, exercise program after exercise program and just can’t seem to stay committed to anything. You know there must be another way, you just aren’t sure what it is.  
  • You’ve taken a “Hail Mary Approach” to your health, making drastic, immediate changes, only to see your old ways reappear and your wellness disappear… yet again.  
  • You feel like you are in a constant battle with your body. You want to make peace with it so you can focus on the areas of your life that truly mean the most.
  • You understand that “consistency” is the key to meaningful change and you are ready to learn ways to be more consistent with taking care of yourself.
  • You are tired of following meal plans and aggressive exercise plans that you can never seem to stick to anyway.  
  • You have big plans for your life that you keep putting off because you just don’t have the confidence or energy you need to pursue those things.  
  • You know a lot about health and wellness, but you need a process to help you take action with that knowledge regularly, so you can reap the benefits.  
  • You are willing to bring an open mind, a curious heart, and a solid work ethic to put into action the things that will allow you to experience The Consistency Code in a way that will impact you for the rest of your life.

Improve your health story with real results that will last.


To anyone who is doubting to work with Courtney, try to first understand how rotten it feels to doubt yourself. And then think about how it might feel to be free of that doubt. To be set on the right path, with the right assistance, with a process that works. Be willing to believe in yourself and do the work with Courtney!  

Consistency is absolutely key and Courtney is there helping me stick with it every step of the way. I am incredibly grateful and can't recommend her enough. Like she always says, "your best years are ahead of you, not behind you!  

Heather White

If you are looking for why you aren't following through on what you know would bring you more joy in your life this program gives you the frame work and the tools to understand why you are making choices that don't support your vision and then helps you create a plan for changing your behavior. The tasks do not require huge time commitments, so it is a great way to bring about change while in the midst of a busy life. —Stephanie Lord-Johnson

As a young woman learning to navigate the world, Courtney has impacted my life beyond the realm of fitness. Courtney has armed me with the mental tactics that will allow me to live the happy, healthy lifestyle that I have always wanted for myself.

Courtney is a very relatable teacher of health and wellness, and her energy for life is contagious. Over the course of my experience with Courtney, she has transformed from being my health coach to my biggest role model. She is a rockstar, and she has taught me that I am one too! 

Zoe Loudermilk


If you are ready for change and accountability, this is a no brainer. Courtney's expertise and delivery were huge for me to begin taking the steps to more consistency. Tiffany Skidmore

Are you ready to make change stick for good this time?

This is not a get-thin-quick scheme.
We both know there are countless products out there that you can easily buy for less. Though they might produce short-term results, those results won’t stick.

Formulas don’t work.

This is why I focus on behavior change

It’s not an approach like any you’ve taken before.

The Consistency Code includes:

  • 4 masterclasses - each introducing a different practice of The Consistency Code 
  • Companion guides to help you make the most of what you learn
  • Plus, meet with me on LIVE calls each week for the first month as you work through The Consistency Code.

Once you’re in, you’re in.
And, you'll receive unlimited access for as long as you are a member!


— 1 —
Metabolic Reboot Webinar
($50 value)

In this 1-hour class, you get a better understanding of what the metabolism actually is and do a deep dive into 4 things I have learned, from working with hundreds of women, that are imperative for a woman to feel like her metabolism is set up to help her look and feel her best.

— 2 —
Exercise Made Easy Formula
($100 value) 

In this PDF I walk you through a simple process for designing your own strength training programs with ease so you no longer have a reason not to do it. I even provide you with a few basic strength training programs to get you started in the comfort of your own home.

Meal Planning 101
($100 value)

I will walk you through my very own meal prep planning process that saves me hours in the kitchen each week and I will give you tips to make feeding yourself a nutrient dense diet easy and attainable.

14 Healthy Dinners You Can Prep In Less Than 20 min

($50 Value)

Making a healthy dinner is one of the most challenging things for women after a long, stressful day. I will share with you 14 dinner ideas that are nutrient rich, that you can prepare in less than 20 minutes and that can even provide you with your lunch for the next day! 

Do it! Amazing support and so much added value from the tips and recipes to the article and books recommendations. The ability to coach with Courtney almost every day during the planning sessions is invaluable. —Sarah


On the recommendation of some young people I trust, I hired Courtney because I needed someone to help me build a more consistent practice with my self-care. I got that and so much more by working with Courtney– overall health, nutrition, goal-setting, mindset, behavioral modifications…and the importance of extending grace to oneself along the journey.

Courtney is impressively reality-based, patient, and compassionate, and she is fierce about helping her clients discover what works best for them – no cookie-cutter approach here.

Mary Lynn Bernacchi

Courtney is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and supportive. You will gain clarity on where you are and how to get where you want to go, with a focus on taking simple steps.Diane