Transistion with more ease and grace.


Years ago, I managed a very successful Pilates studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I LOVED the job AND I ended up meeting the man who would become my husband around the same time.

We both had a strong desire to move out west but I struggled to leave the studio.

I had so many thoughts that riddled me with guilt:

I have only been here two years. 
They need me. 
The trainers are going to be so upset. 
I am abandoning them when we are doing so well. 

I was expressing all of this to a friend of mine and she said to me, “Courtney, you can absolutely think those things OR you could focus on the fact that by stepping out you are giving someone else the opportunity to step in?”


I have carried those words with me ever since which have made SO many transitions in my life far more grace-filled than they would have been otherwise.

Tell me, over on Instagram, a piece of advice someone gave you that allowed you to move your life forward with more ease and grace.

Transistion with more ease and grace.

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