The unexpected teachers of 2020.

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I have had some incredible teachers over the course of my life but 2020 has delivered some of the best yet, and they came in the most unusual forms:

One teacher came dressed as a pandemic.

Reminding me that the only thing I ever really have control over is how I choose to show up and that my mental health may just be more precious than my physical health because…

No matter how well you take care of yourself, you cannot control everything that your body does.

On that note…

One teacher showed up as a diagnosis.

Apparently, like the rest of me, my bone marrow is an overachiever of sorts and excels at producing platelets which makes my blood sticky and makes me more susceptible than the average joe to blood clotting.

This teacher has been intent on teaching me that health is not necessarily the absence of dis-ease, but how we choose to show up in the face of it.

One teacher, perhaps my greatest and most favorite to date, keeps showing up as a spicy, red-headed boy who is in awe of everything around him and is relentless in his pursuit of looking for ways to infuse life with more fun, even when a pandemic is disrupting all normalcy.

What unexpected teachers showed up for you this year? Share in the comments below.

What unexpected teachers showed up for you this year?

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