How to take “Unrelenting Ownership” for how you are showing up.

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All month long on the Grace & Grit Podcast we are talking about what it means to take “Unrelenting Ownership” for how you are showing up along your health journey.

Because here’s the truth…

  • You aren’t always going to “FEEL” like showing up.
  • Things won’t always roll the way you expect them to.
  • You will screw-up. Even fail, at times.
  • Life will throw you a lot of curveballs.

Unrelenting ownership is taking full responsibility for honoring your health & shaping your life at EVERY age and stage, regardless of what has happened or what will happen.

Unrelenting ownership means you:

  • Acknowledge your worth.
  • Release blame & excuses
  • Get honest about why you do what you do
  • Commit to developing yourself when you could use some developing
  • Rework strategies when your strategies aren’t working (without making it mean there is anything wrong with you).
  • End the habit of compromising, negotiating and rationalizing your way out of the work you are being called to do.
  • Learn when you to need to push harder and when you need to back the hell off.

The first episode in this series, The Call to Own Your Worth, dropped on Saturday. Listen in and leave me a comment letting me know if it lands.

The Call to Own Your Worth

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