Walking into 2021 on wobbly knees.


Still here. Walking into 2021 on wobbly knees.

The end of 2020 & the start of 2021 pitched my family an onslaught of curveballs. 

My husband and I both got Covid and my beloved 2-year-old Great Dane, Sully, suffered from horrific eye inflammation that resulted in the removal of both of his eyes this past Tuesday.  

And to top it all off, we had a crazy windstorm in Missoula on Wednesday that blew part of our roof off our house. Gah! 

Through the thick of it, I somehow guided hundreds of women through a 5-day event, called Healthiest Year Yet (no, the irony is not lost on me). 

There was a lot of ugly crying on my part and A LOT of wildly unhelpful thoughts that entered my head as I navigated through the muck. My brain tried really hard to take me down into the rabbit hole of despair. 

And, while it was hard and messy and painfully ungraceful… I made it to the other side…mostly… in one piece and having learned oh-so-much. 

If you are someone who is struggling right now, I want you to know I see you and I am sending you buckets of love. 

Be gentle with yourself. 
Let people help you. 
Give yourself permission to ugly cry. 
And remember there is nothing a good night sleep can’t help soften at least a little. 

I, for one, will be taking a very long winter’s nap this weekend. How about you? Pop over to Instagram and let me know how your 2021 is starting out.

Walking into 2021 on wobbly knees.

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