How about a different approach?


Over the course of your life, your body is going to do some weird 💩.

It will likely (at some point) not meet the “expectations” you had for it in some way.


When you travel through those spaces and places, please remember this:

👉 Your body is always working FOR you.
👉 It doesn’t hate you.
👉 It hasn’t failed you.

If you think about it… your body has shown up every single day in big and small ways since the day you were born.

You can keep blaming her, berating her, waging war with her, and being an ass to her… but…

How has that EVER helped you to heal & fortify her?

It hasn’t.
You know it.
I know it.

How about a different approach?

Two simple words have the power to revolutionize the relationship you have with your body: Thank you.

Thank you for showing up to help me do life today and every day (even though I haven’t always shown up for you).

Thank you for not giving up on me (even though I have ignored, mistreated, and judged you).

Thank you for your efforts to heal (even if it takes a little – or a lot – longer than I think it should).

You don’t have to be grateful FOR the weird 💩 your body does, but I highly recommend being grateful WITHIN it.

How about a different approach?

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