If it’s not working, why not try the opposite?


If the strategies you keep using to try to improve your health aren’t working, why not try the opposite?

Rather than setting big and vague goals every Monday morning (I will eat better), try committing to small and specific (I am going to eat 3 cups of veggies every day).

Rather than expecting yourself to react with a better choice when you are tired, stressed and hungry, you could try organizing yourself the day before to make it really easy to follow through on your commitment at those times. (Maybe you chop up extra veggies as you make dinner to have them easy to access)

Rather than exclusively focusing on the action, you could try focusing on what drives the action – your thoughts and emotions. (I GET to nourish my body with veggies vs I HAVE to eat veggies. Those two thoughts inspire very different emotion).

Rather than beating yourself up when you find yourself NOT following through, get wildly curious about WHY you didn’t. Learn from it so you can move forward more wisely:)

THIS is the work we do inside of my Rumble & Rise community. If you need a bit of help showing up for yourself with more ease, grace and consistency…come join us!

Why not try the opposite?

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