Exploring the reasons why we eat.


Last night in my Rumble & Rise community we did a deep dive session on all the reasons we eat because… let’s face it… we eat for a LOT of reasons aside from nourishment and survival.

We eat to entertain ourselves.
We eat to distract ourselves.
We eat to celebrate.
We eat to satisfy the brain’s desire for pleasure.
We eat to avoid facing the truth of our lives.
We eat to avoid feeling certain emotions.
We eat as a byproduct of unmanaged thoughts.
We eat as a byproduct of disrupted chemistry.
We eat to make other people happy.

My philosophy as a coach on this?

Make sure you like your reasons.

On a scale from 1-10 (10 being pure nourishment), how much of your eating has to do with actually nourishing your body?

Something to consider. Share your thoughts with me here on Instagram.

Why we eat?

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