Why You MUST Learn to Fish

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There is something that may surprise you about the work I do as a health coach: I very intentionally DO NOT give people food plans to follow because I don’t believe that is how you foster confidence and self-reliance when it comes to health.

To take radical responsibility for your health once and for all, you need to learn how to fish (make educated decisions about the foods you choose to eat, rather than have someone plan your food for you).

You know the saying…

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for the rest of his life.”

Well…THAT is the kind of teaching that turns me on.

For years I worked as a personal trainer in studios and health clubs and many days I went home wildly frustrated because I felt some of my clients just wanted to be spoon-fed.   In other words, they didn’t want to take any responsibility for their health outside of the work we were doing together; they just wanted me to keep supplying the fish.   Which is a form of torture for a driven change-maker like myself. If I was sick or took a vacation, those same clients wouldn’t do a darn thing for the sake of their own health because I wasn’t there hovering over them.

Ultimately, I felt like I was failing at my job because I believe a good teacher is someone who teaches you so well, that eventually you no longer need them or you need them far less than you initially did.

I don’t want my clients to need me forever. I love them all dearly, but my goal is to walk them safely to the mountain top, give them a little nudge, watch them stretch their wings and take flight.

It’s very common for a new client ask (if not beg) at some point along their journey with me, “Courtney! Just tell me what to eat and I will eat it.”

To which I always say, “No, because I would doing you a massive disservice.”

My job as a health coach is not to dictate which specific foods you can and cannot eat, my job is to educate you about the nutritional value of the foods you are choosing and help you become acutely aware of the physiological response your body is having to those choices.

When you pay attention to what your choices are and the consequences of those choices, you can connect the dots to what ails you more easily and, hopefully…after a face plant or 10…you will start making better choices, more consistently; and THAT is how a transformation is hatched!

My 6-year-old son is in the process of learning how to read and it takes everything in me not to just give him the answer when he is struggling with a new word.   I won’t lie, I did that at first and my husband quickly pointed out that every time our son was unsure of himself, he was getting in the habit of looking at me for the answer. I was crushing his critical thinking ability and his ability to progress towards independence.

Which, in my opinion, is precisely what so many (not all) programs are promoting in the fitness, supplement and weight-loss industries. Women are being robbed of the opportunity to learn how to fish. You don’t learn how to fish by consuming more supplements than nutritious food, following someone’s meal plan, or only moving your body in the presence of a “professional”.


Why You MUST Learn to FishYou learn to fish by learning which lakes are best, which bait to buy, how to cast and by humbly accepting that you aren’t going to catch a fish with every single cast. Hell, to be a great fisherman, you even need to put HEART into it; otherwise when the weather sucks or you just aren’t feeling up to it, you will rationalize your way right out of the boat before it ever leaves the dock.

If you can’t enjoy the process of getting healthy…you will never maintain whatever health goals you have achieved. And if you choose to go the “quick fix” route, I assure you, you will miss all the pit stops that make the journey of true transformation so powerful.

If you really want 2016 to be the year you finally take radical responsibility for your health, I would challenge you to look beyond the most aggressive exercise program, the diet that promises the quickest results or the new multi-level marketing product that your best friend is raving about.

If you want to tackle your health woes…

If you want this year to be the year you finally regain control…

If you want end the vicious cycle of dieting…

If you really do want to become the best version of yourself…

You MUST learn how to fish.

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