Women of Grace & Grit: Elizabeth Hoyle Goldberg

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FullSizeRender-8Isn’t it amazing how we react to the challenges we face?

Like everyone, I have had numerous challenges over the years. Some I embraced with gusto;others I tried to ignore, and more than not, I would simply put them away on a shelf in my mind.

I am originally from Michigan, just outside of the Detroit area. When I married, I moved to a small town to raise my two children.

During the years my children were at home, I was employed by the school district as a high school English teacher. I retired from the public sector after 30 years in several schools. I was also employed at our local community college for over 21 years working as adjunct professor.   It was a wonderful adventure in all ways!

After many years of marriage, a divorce was initiated, and I moved from my small town to a larger residential and more commercial area in a suburb of Detroit.

I enjoyed a most happy existence there living as a single woman!

I was affiliated with The University of Phoenix and other surrounding colleges over the next nine years. Today I remain under the employment of the University of Phoenix and Ashford University teaching online courses.

Since I was single, several of my friends introduced me to a widower, who has now been my husband of over 12 years! Life does work in very strange and unexpected ways!

We moved to Bigfork, Montana on a full-time basis over two years ago, and we couldn’t be happier! Taking risks is never easy, as we all know. Sometimes, we just have to bite that proverbial bullet, and jump into the cold water! That’s exactly what we did!

I began working with Courtney last December 2014.

I had been having difficulties with my weight for a number of years. I spoke to my cardiologist about my concerns, and he recommended Courtney. His comment was, “She’s a world class act!” That was enough for me to contact her.

It turned out that although I had always watched my food intake and had always exercised, I simply was NOT eating ENOUGH! It was very difficult for me to totally wrap my mind around that diagnosis.

As soon as I started truly journaling and watching my appropriate intake, I began to feel better.

Apparently, I did very well with having a structured process to follow.  My weight loss has been substantial, and I continue to lose pounds each month. I only have 10 pounds to lose to meet my goal!

I am so grateful to have found Courtney to help me iron out the kinks with my eating habits. She has helped me to find that “right” approach to being healthy and responsible for my choices. I really don’t believe I could have been as successful without her always-kind guidance.

I’m not the skinniest grandmother on the block, but I don’t feel that I  have to be.  I am, in many cases however, the healthiest thanks to my “Courtney” education.

“Grace,” by my own definition, is what all women share.

We are beautiful. We are smart. We are loving. We define these components every single day in so many different ways.

“Grit”, is what women of grace have, as well.

We can overcome whatever comes our way. We protect those we love, and often those who simply need us. We make our way through storms and difficult moments, with our heads high, and our spirits hopeful.

The advice I would like to share, that I believe applies to all women, is…

to remember that the ingredients that make up a woman of grace and grit are already an integral part of your makeup. It’s that first baby step that is always the hardest and some of us have to start out crawling to initiate change.  And that is ok!

Start crawling, if you have to. Eventually you will be able to stand up, and walk the road of positive tomorrows. You just have to make the decision to do so!

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