Women of Grace & Grit: featuring Christy Peeples

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ChristyTell us about yourself.

I am a 46 year old teacher and have struggled with my weight my whole life. I was literally put on a diet at age 6 months. Buttermilk. Which I still LOVE. During high school I played tennis and was very active, but after my first year of college I was over 200 pounds and over the next 25 years just kept adding to that until I was up to an all time high of 270. I tried EVERY (really, name one, I’ve done it) diet and lost about 15-20 pound 4-5 years ago with Weight Watchers and kept that off but couldn’t go any further. Now I am at 188. I haven’t seen below 200 for 28 years. I’m pretty excited.

What lights you up?

I love my family, friends, dogs, reading, seeing live music, traveling and my job. Teaching teenagers can be difficult but it is my passion and I couldn’t imagine having any other job.

Why did you start working with Courtney?

I started working with Courtney in the Spring of 2014 after doing a boot camp for almost a year and trying to figure out what I should be eating. I was never a cookie, chips, sodapop, etc.. eater, I have always eaten “healthy” food (chicken, fish, rice, salad, fruit, yogurt, etc..) but obviously what I thought was healthy was not good enough to lose weight. I was SO confused as to which direction I needed to go…..Low-carb, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, fewer calories?????? WHAT?

How has health coaching helped not only your health, but in what ways did it help to improve other areas of your life? 

Having a clear plan and boundries has really helped me everywhere, not just in my health. I have been able to apply some of the boundries, permissions, and setting out a plan to get things done in my professional and personal life. I tend to overbook myself and volunteer for everything. I’m learning to say NO to things I really can’t afford to take on, and learning to let myself enjoy things once in a while and not beat myself up about what I “SHOULD’ be doing.

What about your health process has been MOST challenging?

The most challenging aspect has probably been the amount of time this whole weight loss process has taken. I lost 20 pounds in ONE month when I was younger. Did I keep it off? No. Did I change my habits? No. Did I have the tools to keep working? No. Courtney has helped me understand that this is not a “weight loss program. I will never been DONE with it. It’s my life from here on out. I need to give myself permissions for things some times, and keep a steady diet of clean foods….Not the reverse.

How did you overcome or move through that challenge?

I still am working on that and will be for, probably, the rest of my life! J Not sure I could say I have OVERCOME anything. I sure have learned about commitment and staying power!

What is your definition of Grace?

Confidence and pride in yourself(myself).

What is your definition of Grit?

Having the strength to keep it up….go back to the gym, go back to the plan, never losing site of that end goal. Even if you fall. Get back up. That and being able to bench press 50 pounds!

What advice would you give to a woman who wants to improve her health story, but is struggling to do so?

Stop the excuses. I have so many friends and family that tell me, “well I can’t give up bread (or cheese, or chocolate).” Um, of course you can. Maybe you don’t give it up for the rest of your life but you can certainly give it up in exchange for a healthier body. I did. Did I have stuffing and pizza during Thankgiving holidays. Yes I did. Was I back to clean eating on Saturday, yes I was. It’s always about a give and take.

What woman in your life has inspired you the most?

I can’t say one specific person, but parts of a lot of people. Each person embodies different traits that are important to me and inspire me. One inspires me to work harder, one to work less. One to be kinder, one to stop being so nice. One for her ability to forgive. And one just for taking the time to read more. There are so many people in my who I take inspiration from.

What is next for you?

Living a healthy life without Courtney. Terrifying! But I know I can do it, she has given me the tools, it’s just up to me to use them and have faith and confidence in myself.

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