Women of Grace & Grit: Lindsay Daniels

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What is the greatest health challenge you have faced?

An eating disorder that I developed as a dancer and overcame when I got married.

When I found out I was pregnant I vowed to take great care of myself by working out and eating healthy, because I had not been taking great care of myself to that point and had suffered a miscarriage 5 months earlier.   Little did I know that I would be so sick from morning sickness for five months I didn’t want to do anything.  When I started to feel better I felt like I owed it to myself to enjoy being pregnant and eat anything I wanted.

I had witnessed friends lose their baby weight quickly and I thought that would be the same case for me.  Well, I was pregnant with baby number two when my son was 7 months old.  I had two babies in the matter of a year and a half.  And added a third a short while later.

What got you interested in health coaching with Grace & Grit?

My children are my world and they light up my life.  I would do absolutely anything for them.  I am their role model and I want to set a positive example for them.

I don’t want them to hear me say, “I am fat”.

I don’t want them to hear me say, “I am on a diet”.

I just want to be an example of what self-care and self-respect look like.

Somehow, as a busy mom, I managed to workout but was neglecting myself on a lot of other levels. I knew I could feel better.

It wasn’t until I started working with a trainer at the gym that I found out about Courtney.  My trainer told me I would probably benefit greatly from working with her.  I remember the day I called Courtney and I was sold immediately.  Her process was totally different than anything I had ever tried on my quest to get healthy. She wasn’t pushing diet products, and I wasn’t’ going to have to starve myself!  Courtney met me right where I was at, and helped me put the pieces together in a way that got me the results I was looking for without feeling deprived and insane.

What were some of the obstacles you had to navigate on your way to better health?

I couldn’t believe at how malnourished I was.  I am a very active mom, ate fairly healthy before meeting Courtney, but I was only getting maybe around 900 calories a day.  The hardest part about the process was overcoming old habits.  It was hard for me to eat more because I feared I was going to gain weight.  Courtney was there every step of the way to reassure me that my body would put the additional nutrition to good use and that in the end I would lose weight and feel better.  And she was right.

Courtney is so knowledgeable and predicted how my body would react. She truly cared about me and made me feel like I was her only client by giving me the attention I needed. She is amazing and I am so forever grateful for her.

How do you feel now?

After just a few weeks of working with Courtney I couldn’t believe how good I felt.  I was lifting heavier than ever, I had more energy and most importantly felt like I was setting a great example for my kids.

Not only has the coaching helped me improve my health, but I feel like it has elevated my life because I have more to give.

What is your definition of Grace?

I define Grace as beauty, health, fluidity, strength, happiness and being fierce.

What is your definition of Grit?

I define Grit as the dust in my past. The bad taste in my mouth the negative thoughts I ever had about myself.  I want to live my life with grace and help others through their grit.

What is next for you?

I am so excited about the adventure I am on this year as Mrs. Montana!  I hope to inspire and encourage other women to step out of their comfort zone. I intend to represent Montana with elegance, pride and grace as I compete for the crown of Mrs. America.

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