Women of Grace & Grit: Paige Sedgwick

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11058132_10153426406885502_5210555818794838994_nMy name is Paige Sedgewick. I’m a television reporter and I have an internal yearning for wanting to know what’s going on, constantly. When I was little, my aunt and mom always thought I would be a reporter because I asked so many questions.

You could say curiosity really describes me. I always want to know more about everything: life, health, finding the secret for being happy, etc.

I have been working with Courtney for a little over a year now and being introduced to her was one of the best things that could have happed to me.

I have a history of Anorexia Nervosa. I was first diagnosed in seventh grade. I was sucked in so far with the disease that my family didn’t recognize me, nor did I recognize myself. I realized, three years down the road that I was never happy with myself and that wasn’t the life I wanted to live. I also started to realize that no one could make me change except me.

Courtney has introduced me to new possibilities and helped me to navigate obstacles. For the first time in years I can say that I have a healthy relationship with food.

One of the biggest things I have learned through working with Courtney is to not be so hard on myself. I am queen of beating myself up when things don’t go exactly how I envision them. I’ve been learning through my process that it’s a day-by-day thing and you just have to keep your goals in the forefront.

Does that mean you won’t stumble? Of course not, and that’s something that I have tried to accept with grace. Having the grace to learn that everyday isn’t going to go according to plan and that’s okay. You’re trying and that’s what matters.


It’s grace that I have learned a lot about throughout my process, the grace to forgive myself and to be a little gentler with myself while continuously applying myself.


I think grit comes more naturally to me than grace does. The determination to fulfill my goals, getting messy and working towards those goals is where I succeed. I like looking towards the future and when I put my mind to something, it’s usually hard to talk me out of it.

I am learning to shut out that voice in my head that whispers, “I’m not good enough.” Sometimes, especially on days where I don’t feel the best about myself, it can be hard but I know that I am more than what the scale says and I am more than my latest failure.

Throughout this journey so far, Courtney has taught me an enormous amount about food and nutrition but also a lot about life. She has taught me to be more assertive, more authentic and more confident with myself regardless of the “weight”.

I am experiencing life with new eyes now and all I see is possibility.

I am learning to shut out that voice in my head that whispers, “I’m not good enough.” #PaigeSedgewick #WomenofGraceandGrit Click To Tweet

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