Women’s Health Reimagined


I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but once upon a time, I thought if I could just help women gain muscle and shed the unwanted weight, they would be happy and healthy forevermore.

✍️I wrote meal plans.

🏋️‍♀️I dished out exercise programs.

💪 I did all kinds of things to get people to show up and do the work required to get fit.

And “fit” they did get.

But it turns out “fit” and “healthy” are not the same thing. 🤦‍♀️

Eating a perfectly clean diet while you slave away at a job you hate, is not health.

Exercising aggressively every day because you associate worthiness with how you look is not health.

These are lies we’ve been told for too long. A bill of goods sold by an industry that is booming as a result of marketing to womens’ insecurities.

I have worked with countless women over the years who were fit AND miserable, because either their reasons for pursuing fitness were not coming from a mentally healthy place and/or their life outside of fitness was an absolute trainwreck.

Women’s Health Reimagined is a class I designed to help you…

💡 Get clarity about what health really means to you at this age and stage of life and what it REALLY takes to bring that vision to fruition.

💡Learn a 4-part framework so you can keep the promises you make to yourself with more consistency and ease (do you can end the madness of feeling like you have to “start over” every Monday morning).

💡Start utilizing 3 game-changing tools that will skyrocket your confidence to lead yourself well through the health arena and beyond.

I always bring my A-game to these classes and I promise you will not be disappointed if you register. You can register here.

P.S. I am blown away by how many of you have been sharing this class with the women in your life who could benefit from it. I appreciate your support oh-so-much. Please keep spreading the love. Thank you in advance!

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