Yes, I am Training For An Event… Called Life.


Training for an Event... Called LifeI get 2 questions all too often when I workout:

  1. Are you getting ready for a competition?
  2. What are you preparing for?

I thought it was funny when it first started happening, but these days I get a little more irritated than entertained because I think it is a sad testament to the way we view a woman taking care of herself. Apparently, a healthy fit woman at the gym needs a reason to be there other than for HERSELF.

Maybe she isn’t there because she is trying to lose inches, gain accolades, or prove anything to anyone other than herself. Maybe she is simply there to show respect to herself and bring out her happy. And wouldn’t that be neat?

So, I have formulated some answers, which I would really just like to have printed on a t-shirt, so I can just get on with the work that I am there to do:


“Yes, I am training for an event. It is called life.”


I train because I can. Because my body is my responsibility and I take its care VERY seriously.

I train because I want to feel strong, capable, and confident.

I train so I can participate fully and vibrantly in life.

I train because I love hearing the words, “you are an inspiration.” My day is well lived if I have inspired anyone to dig a little deeper.

I train because it makes me feel powerful to see how far I have come.

I train because I am wildly curious to see how far I can still go.

I train because, on the hardest of days, my body shows me I have more fight than I knew I had.

I train because I strongly believe I was put here to be and do my best in all things, including taking care of this magnificent vessel.

I train because I feel I owe my body the courtesy of doing so. It allows me to live, laugh and love; the least I can do is help it out by keeping it strong and able.

I train because movement is my elixir; it brings out my happy, especially on the days I am having a really hard time finding my happy.

I train because I consider it a privilege and NOT a sacrifice to do so.

I train because I want to be an example to my five-year-old son of a graceful woman with a ton of grit. So, I practice being that…every single day.

I train because movement has been a really great teacher. It has shown me what consistency and hard work can make possible.

I train because once you have climbed high enough, it is really hard to settle at lower elevations.

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And my hope for you, my friend, is that you (and your daughters and granddaughters) will take time to move your body every day for some, if not all, of the same reasons. That you will commit to getting healthy because you have more love for yourself than you have fear of what others think of you.

Do the work that is required of you to maintain your health because you are an exceptional woman who fully recognizes that to do your best and most meaningful work, you need a sturdy platform to stand on.

It is time to mend the fabric of what is driving our collective female health & fitness story. Dedicate your pursuit of better health and fitness to your brilliance, your purpose, and your legacy and then get on with it.

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