You don’t have to if you don’t want. It’s true.


You don’t have to if you don’t want. It’s true.


If I allowed that line of thinking to govern my day yesterday…

I would not have gotten out of bed at the crack of dawn.
I would not have served my community.
I would definitely NOT have gone to the gym.
I would not have cooked dinner for my family.

Moods come and go.

The things I value do not.

So, I showed up for the things I had pre-decided were MOST important to me.

Yesterday turned out to be a brilliant day, but it DID NOT feel that way from the start.

I was energized and alive on the other side of the things I had fiercely committed to … DESPITE having moments of not wanting to do them.

I don’t know where in the day you will be tempted to negotiate, compromise or negotiate your way out of a commitment you previously made when your values were at the forefront of your mind, but surely you will be tempted.

BE tempted AND…

Do yourself the favor of showing up anyway.

(of course, there are legit reasons to bow out on occasion….but ask yourself… do you truly like your reason for not showing up OR having you simply made a habit out of breaking the promises you made to yourself? There’s a difference:)

What’s the thing you committed to today because it is important to you, but when the time comes you are going to be tempted to bail? Let me know here, in the comments.

You don’t have to if you don’t want. It’s true.

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