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Grace-Filled Boundary Setting

A boundary is something you create out of the love and respect you have for yourself and the love and respect you have for your relationships.

Establishing and protecting boundaries is one of the most potent self-care skills out there.

Join us for a new Grace & Grit masterclass all about Grace-filled Boundary Setting.

Get instant access for just $29!

Establishing and protecting boundaries is one of the most powerful self-care skills you can learn to elevate your mental and even physical health.

Unfortunately, many midlife women lack this skill, which is a royal bummer because, aside from helping to build healthy relationships, boundaries also help us to…

  • Protect valuable resources like time, energy, and mental bandwidth.

  • Stay clear on what is most important to us.

  • Live confidently and authentically.

  • Navigate midlife curveballs (and there are a lot of them) with more grace.

In this 60-minute workshop, I will teach you…

  • Why boundary setting is so crucial to your health.

  • How to make setting them and enforcing them a more grace-filled process.

  • This is a simple, repeatable process you can use time and time again to determine where boundaries might need to be established and how to do so more confidently.

… and so much more!

Here's What's Included

When you sign up for this masterclass you receive:

  • Access to the Grace & Grit online classroom, so you can access the course materials from anywhere, at any time!

  • Enjoy unlimited access to this exclusive masterclass for the lifetime of the material. Watch and revisit at your convenience.

  • A companion guide to help you apply what you learn in the class because just watching this class won’t change your life. Applying what you learn WILL!

… all for just $29

Courtney has helped me so much. She focuses on unpacking the barriers to me choosing healthier options in such a non-judgmental way. She is so patient and upbeat. Even if we've gone over the same issue multiple times, she always comes up with new, encouraging methods to get me back on track. She's such a bright light in my life!

- Shan Liu

Stephanie Lord-Johnson

Courtney is a fantastic coach! As a member of Rumble and Rise I can highly recommend her programs and offerings. The quality and breadth and depth of the content is top notch. And maybe most important, I feel through the coaching calls, master classes, podcast, and tools provided my joy and quality of life is in my hands and I have the best support person/team to help me push or even drop back when needed.

- Stephanie Lord-Johnson

Jen Mannarelli

With a kind delivery & wise approach, Courtney can help you discover what is holding you back. Her brilliant questions & sincere curiosity guide you deep into your thoughts, to understand why you believe what you believe. This then truly steers you into understanding your actions & behaviors. Once you are aware, then you can come up with an achievable game plan to move forward! If you are looking for an amazing Coach & a supportive group, look no further, you found it!

- Jen Mannarelli

Kristen Stevens

I have been following Courtney and Grace & Grit for almost 4 years. Her guidance has been pivotal in my health and wellness journey. I have learned to trust myself, to grow in ways I would never had done on my own. The membership community she has offered has become a vital component in my person and professional life as well. The wisdom and support is beyond what I had originally thought was possible!

- Kristen Stevens

Diane Kenedy

If you want results, work with Courtney! She gently but firmly asks the questions that make you see where you are hiding. Then she helps you figure out what is actually doable, so you can see progress toward your goals.

- Diane Kenedy

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