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Direction & Drive Reconsidered

Join me for "Power Up: Direction & Drive Reconsidered" a game-changing masterclass designed to provide you with tools to help you redefine success, your sense of self and revolutionize your future.

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What is power anyway and why should you care?

Power is influence.

Your ability to influence your thought, emotions and behaviors in a way that allow you to live in integrity with yourself. (this is why it is the key to behavior change!!!)


Power is a resource.

The resource you do life with. Power is energy, confidence, focus, creativity, etc. The more of these things you have, you are able to navigate life with grace and ease.


Power is capacity.

Your capacity to feel fully alive.
Your capacity to pursue the things you want for your life.
Your capacity to make mistakes and keep moving forward.

step into your power

This exclusive Grace & Grit masterclass guides you to step into your power by helping you refine two very important skill sets:

#1 Getting clear on your direction.
I call this your power vision. This class will challenge you to go beyond the surface of “goal setting” and help you pinpoint exactly where you want to reclaim your power in your life and what you will need to do (and stop doing) to make that a reality.


#2 Fueling your drive. (aka motivation)
Your self-image is the silent architect of your future actions. This class goes deep into the core of self-image—defining it, explaining its significance, and demonstrating how it shapes your behavior, and ultimately, your life. Living a life by design is not just about changing actions; it's about transforming what you believe about yourself, your life and what happens in your life.


#3 Making decisions often and much.
Decisions are POWER because they create movement in your life. Without making decisions on the regular you will rumble harder than necessary along your journey.


#4 Tracking metrics that matter.
There are a LOT of different ways to track progress along your journey and this masterclass will help you get clear on the metrics that are most meaningful to YOU.

Here's What's Included

When you sign up for this masterclass you receive:

  • Access to the Grace & Grit online classroom, so you can access the course materials from anywhere, at any time!

  • Enjoy unlimited access to this exclusive masterclass for the lifetime of the material. Watch and revisit at your convenience.

  • A companion guide to help you apply what you learn in the class because just watching this class won’t change your life. Applying what you learn WILL!

… all for just $29

Because of Courtney’s coaching… I am living my life! I’m more present and allowing vulnerability. I am more willing to say yes to things. I am not waiting for the perfect time or for when I am a certain weight or size.

- Maria Lai

Celeste Arambulo

Courtney's support is like none other and I have had years of formal leadership training.

- Celeste Arambulo

Bethany Belice

Courtney’s coaching, platform and community are such a critical piece of support for me showing up for myself and everyone around me. She has helped me change my legacy and I will forever be grateful.

- Bethany Belice

Sarah Louise Lilly

I finally feel like I'm treating my body, how it deserves. Courtney's habit and mindset tools have translated to all areas of my life - not only in health and wellness but also supported my career and parenting journeys.

- Sarah Louise Lilly

Natalie Knight

I am confident now that whatever comes my way, I will be ok because I have learned to manage my mind and feel all the feels. I am a better wife and mom and I am becoming a thriving human.

- Natalie Knight

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