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Strategic Decision Making and Effective Time Mastery

Ready to ditch the overwhelm?

Elevate your midlife journey with Strategic Decision Making and Effective Time Mastery, the focal point of our newest Grace & Grit Masterclass.

Get instant access for just $29!

Midlife Overwhelm

In my work with clients, the term "overwhelm" echoes frequently. It's no surprise, considering the majority are midlife women navigating numerous responsibilities amid shifts in careers, family dynamics, and physiological changes.

Midlife can be a lot. And…

I see many women suffering unnecessarily (read: drowning in overwhelm) because they lack confident decision-making skills and fail to organize their time in a way that feels congruent with what is MOST important to them.

Can you relate?

If so, this masterclass is tailored for you!

In just 60 minutes I will teach you…

  • The single most powerful skill set to bid farewell to overwhelm and propel your life forward.

  • Tips and tricks for streamlining your time organization, ensuring consistency in your commitments while leaving room for spontaneity.

  • Strategies to ensure you show up this year in a way that aligns with your true desires, avoiding the need for a "do-over" next year.

Here's What's Included

When you sign up for this masterclass you receive:

  • Access to the Grace & Grit online classroom, so you can access the course materials from anywhere, at any time!

  • Enjoy unlimited access to this exclusive masterclass for the lifetime of the material. Watch and revisit at your convenience.

  • A companion guide to help you apply what you learn in the class because just watching this class won’t change your life. Applying what you learn WILL!

… all for just $29

Courtney is a wonderful coach and she has helped me tremendously grow in ways that I could not have imagined. Her membership has monthly topics that challenge me to think about things in a new way. I enjoy working through the workbooks that accompany the monthly topics. There are also group coaching calls that you can join and discuss any challenge that you are facing. I get so much out of these calls even if I can't attend live because at least someone else is facing the same challenge as me. This is a wonderful community that supports each other as we navigate our individual challenges.

- Colleen Connelly

Suzanne Karaszewski Bio

I don’t know where I’d be without Courtney’s patient guidance. I’ve been a part of her Grace & Grit community only for a few months and I was welcomed with open arms and given time to discuss my rises and my rumbles. Courtney is open and guides with a gentle hand to help you figure out your path to becoming a better you!

- Suzanne Karaszewski

Valerie Poppert Bio

Courtney is an amazing coach and mentor! She is all about teaching us how to be the best version of ourselves and has helped me navigate all the challenges of being a woman in midlife. My life is so much better with Courtney in it!!

- Valerie Poppert

Stacy Mellem Bio

Courtney Townley is a consummate life coach. With her podcast Grace & Grit she provides useful and insightful information. She has also created an amazing community in her Rumble & Rise Membership group. I have been a member of Rumble & Rise for over 2 years and have found it to be a supportive community. I continue to grow and get value from Courtney and her program.

- Stacy Mellem

Whitney Brown Bio

I can't say enough good things about this community. Courtney is a total pro in the health & wellness space. She truly helps her clients focus on what's important and let go of what's not.

- Whitney Brown

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