Coaching Packages

Custom coaching packages for custom humans.


Improve your health story with real results that will last.

Does your health story sound more like a tragedy than a fairy tale?

Is improving your health a “to do” that never gets done? Are you fed up with the daily crash and burn of your good intentions?

I am guessing that...

You’ve tried every diet under the sun. You’ve joined the gym, registered for bootcamps, done the juice detox (all more than once). You hit a stride for a few days and then a dinner, a friend, a weekend unravels you and you find yourself starting over AGAIN Monday morning.


Your clothes are getting tighter. Your frustration level is getting higher. Your energy is getting lower. Your to-do list seems to be getting fuller of everyone else’s wants and needs.

But, what about yours?

Why does taking charge of your own wants and needs – even your health – feel like mission impossible?

What if...

You could stop judging your body and actually show it the respect and admiration it deserves? You were able to stop breaking promises with yourself when it comes to self care? You could line up your actions with what it is you say you really want for your life?

Imagine how differently your life would feel if...

The things you value most in life all improved because you learned (finally) how to take radical responsibility for your health? You knew wholeheartedly that you were setting a stellar example of health for your family and friends?  

Well, it is possible.

I can help you design a roadmap to get to where you really want to be, in a way that is consistent, actionable, and dare I say… fun!

Hi there!

I am Courtney Townley the founder of Grace & Grit, the host of the Grace & Grit Podcast and the creator of The Signature Program and The Consistency Code. 

I too have been frustrated, exhausted and confused by what it really took to get and STAY healthy. I have been a trainer for nearly 20 years, and for the first 10 years of my career I only addressed health through movement. My approach was simply: if you aren’t getting the results you want…do more…go harder. But I was dead wrong.

The problem was…the going harder approach left me broken and depressed. I looked fit and healthy, but what was really happening on the inside was something totally different: disordered eating, horrible body image, poor digestion, joint pain, and irritability were daily battles I fought. I was NOT healthy.  

It wasn’t until I hired a health coach back in 2004, that I really started to understand the extent of the health equation. Mindset, food, exercise, hydration, recovery… it ALL matters and, yet, if a woman doesn’t have a sensible and sustainable process to walk her through building a better relationship with those things, she will constantly struggle to create long-term success.  

Today I have the most rewarding job of helping women all over the world re-write their health story. And I can do the same for you.

I’ll help you design a roadmap for getting to where you really want to be, in a way that is consistent, actionable, and fun!

But, let me be clear...


But, I have a knack for making that part fun.


Because let’s face it…NOTHING in life worth having ever is.


But, I do have incredible resources at my fingertips to make this experience feel magical.

Rebuild your relationship with food, exercise, and your body by changing the way you THINK about those things.

Packages to work with me require an investment ranging from $1500 - $3600, depending on how quickly and deeply you want to go. I am very selective about the people I work with, so if you are seriously interested in taking charge of your health, I invite you to schedule a FREE Kickstart Call with me to get your questions answered and to find out if I am the right person to help guide you.


As a type A and super intense person, one of my biggest habits to rebuild my health was addressing my overloaded life and being stuck in a place of overwhelm and constant stress physically and mentally.  

Now, I have the power to pivot and realign myself quickly &gracefully.  

Seeking Courtney out to be my health coach was one of the best life decisions I have ever made and instead of fearing my future state of health, I now embrace it. I cannot thank her enough for all I have learned and the changes in my body.

Margaret Durnan 

Courtney’s work absolutely places you, and all your unique human-ness, at the forefront of the process. I feel so much better and more in control of what works for me (and what doesn’t). I wish every women could have access to this!

Babeth de Vries

Courtney has changed my life by teaching me how to change my thinking, my health goals, and my attitude towards my health.  

Christy Peeples

What I have found through my work with Courtney is that the way I think about myself, my self-talk, and generally how I treat and think about my body were the MOST important factors in making consistent choices to support my health.  

Through consistent attention and thoughtful reflection with Courtney coaching me along the way, I am so much kinder and more attentive to my body and it feels really great.

Ami Marshall

Put your healthiest years ahead of you NOT behind you.