consistency code

A 4-part framework to amplify your health & happiness (no matter where you are starting).

Consistency is a mindset.
It’s a practice.
It’s a love language.

Without it, we stay stuck in the spin cycle of getting nowhere and feel terrible because of it.


You are so busy...

...prioritizing everyone's needs that you have developed a habit of putting your own needs on the back burner.

You keep trying to implement strategies that overwhelm your brain OR you have absolutely no strategy at all for taking better care of yourself.

You have made a habit out of compromising, negotiating, and/or rationalizing your way out of the promises you make to yourself.

Welcome to the perfect storm for inconsistency.

You are NOT lazy or broken.

Your strategy just needs some renovation.

For years, I’ve worked with women like you who want to uplevel their lives.

They commit with the very best intentions, only to find their resolve failing just a few weeks into a new program.

It happens. And it’s not your fault.

You are not a loser.
You are not weak.
You are not incapable.
There is nothing wrong with you.

There is, however, something wrong with the approach you are using to try to create lasting change.

The Consistency Code Testimonial
The Consistency Code Testimonial
The Consistency Code Testimonial

Enter: The Consistency Code

In this 4-week course, I teach you the essential practices needed for a lifetime of success in the health arena and beyond.

I call them "practices" because a practice is something you do over a long period of time to gain and maintain proficiency. Not something you do just for a few weeks:)

For 25+ years, I have been working to help mend the fabric that is driving the female health story and that won't happen by following cookie-cutter programs that worked for someone else's life. No, your health story changes by improving your self-leadership skills.

And that is precisely what The Consistency Code will help you do!

Join me for this online course, June 3rd through the 28th, 2024, and get 4 power-FULL lessons with support materials PLUS 4 group coaching calls!

The framework you will learn:

You can’t put your best years ahead of you by hiding the truth of your life. Nope. Your best years will require that you lift the rug and look at all the things you have been sweeping underneath.

In this module, I challenge you to get radically real with yourself about what is working for you at this age and stage of life and what isn’t.

I specifically introduce 4 key areas that you need to shine a light on so you can renovate the bits that no longer fit the life you want to live so you can do far more than merely survive it.


Lessons will be taught LIVE on Zoom every Monday in June at 12 pm MT. (If you cannot attend live, no worries, lessons will be recorded and uploaded into the online classroom.)

All for just $97!

To anyone who is doubting to work with Courtney, try to first understand how rotten it feels to doubt yourself. And then think about how it might feel to be free of that doubt. To be set on the right path, with the right assistance, with a process that works.

Be willing to believe in yourself and do the work with Courtney!

Consistency is absolutely key and Courtney is there helping me stick with it every step of the way.

I am incredibly grateful and can't recommend her enough. Like she always says, "your best years are ahead of you, not behind you!

—Heather White

So... What exactly should you expect?

  • I will teach a new lesson each Monday at 12 pm MT June 3rd - June 24th on Zoom. If you cannot attend live, you will be able to access the replay of the lessons inside the online classroom.

  • At the end of each lesson, I will give you very clear action steps to apply what you learned so by the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding (and practice) of The Consistency Code framework.

  • You will be invited to group coaching calls each week to ask questions and get coached by me around anything you are rumbling with inside the course.

  • Once the course is complete, you will have access to your online classroom for as long as it remains online.

Hi There!

I'm Courtney Townley, hostess of the top-rated podcast Grace & Grit, and I have been helping women around the world for the past 20+ years to get out of their own way so they can step fully into their lives

My experience has taught me that most women know WHAT to do to improve their well-being, but they struggle to APPLY what they know with any degree of consistency.

I have made it my mission to help women fill the gap between knowing and doing and I'd love to help you too!

Let's make change stick.

The Consistency Code Testimonial
The Consistency Code Testimonial
The Consistency Code Testimonial

Is The Consistency Code right for you?

The Consistency Code is not a one-and-done program. It is a framework you will return to time and time again when you have the desire to improve any area of your life.

I developed this program in response to years - decades, actually - of women experiencing pain points like the ones below - pain points you’ve likely experienced, too:

  • You have tried diet after diet and exercise program after exercise program and just can’t seem to stay committed to anything. You know there must be another way, but you aren’t sure what it is.

  • You’ve taken a “Hail Mary Approach” to your health, making drastic, immediate changes, only to see your old ways reappear and your wellness disappear… yet again.

  • You are tired of following meal plans and aggressive exercise plans that you can never seem to stick to anyway.

  • You have big plans for your life that you keep putting off because you just don’t have the confidence or energy you need to pursue those things.

  • You know a lot about health and wellness, but you need a process to help you take action with that knowledge regularly, so you can reap the benefits.

The Consistency Code Testimonial
The Consistency Code Testimonial
The Consistency Code Testimonial

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