_I8P8482Welcome to Grace & Grit!

Got two minutes to spare? I won’t waste your time. Promise! This is ridiculously important. (And once you’re done, I have a gift for you).

Are you ready? Here’s what I want you to do:

I want you to picture your happiest, healthiest, most incredible self.

Go on, just do it. Humor me!
What does she look like?
How does she feel?
What is she doing?

Your most incredible, happiest, and confident self can be dancing, singing, or playing with her kids.

She can be shaking hands to solidify a huge deal at work, admiring her vegetable garden, painting in her studio, lounging in a cozy bed with luxurious white sheets. She can do all of these things. She can do something totally different. It’s totally up to you!

Don’t worry about whether or not the image is possible. Don’t shrug off a picture of yourself with flat abs rocking a smokin’ hot dress  because you’re metabolism is out of whack and you have no idea how you’ll get there. Don’t let chronic pains or ideas like “I’ve never been athletic or fit” paralyze your dream muscle.

Don’t worry about the how. Just imagine the possibility of what you desire most. Now, that you have her in mind, I want you to make a commitment.
Uh oh! Scary, right?

I know we just met, but I am going to ask you to trust me for just a few more minutes.

I want you to make a ferocious commitment to yourself to become that woman. You’ve imagined her, and she is possible. Period. You don’t have to believe it 100% right now. You can be skeptical. (We’ll work on that later).

Now here’s the fun part (and that gift I promised)!

It’s going to help you to get out your big orange “under construction” cones and start blocking those “bad habit” exits, ASAP.

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There’s only one way to keep a commitment like this.
You have to block all of your exits.
If you don’t, nothing will change.

It’s just like when you’re in rush-hour traffic on the expressway and every single exit that you see is under construction. You have no choice but to stay on the expressway and get off at Exit 167!

Want donuts from the gas station?  Too bad. That exit is closed!

You have a choice! You can either start taking the baby steps towards unleashing the happy, healthy, and fit woman you want to be …or you can wait.

But I bet that one year from now, you’ll wish that you’d started today.
So shall we?




Mover • Shaker • Healthy People Maker
I’m Courtney Townley, your personal guide to happy,
healthy and fit. I’ve been where you are and can relate
to what you are feeling. Have no fear. I am here to help
you every step of the way.