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  • Increase your self-confidence.

  • Gain more strength and stamina.

  • Achieve optimal health that fits your lifestyle.

Learn how to rock your second act with Grace & Grit™.

Courtney is an outstanding trainer and coach. She has a passion for empowering her clients to lead more fulfilling lives. Her technical expertise is unsurpassed, but more importantly, she genuinely cares about the people she works with. She is an inspiration!

- Marilynn N. Whitefish, MT


Courtney knows her stuff. Truly.

She walks the talk and knows EXACTLY how to empower you and equip you with skills to embody true health. Seeking Courtney out to be my health coach was one of the best life decisions I have ever made and instead of fearing my future state of health, I now embrace it. I cannot thank her enough for all I have learned and the changes in my body.

Margaret Dunan

A coach that "gets it."

I decided to join Rumble & Rise when I was feeling very overwhelmed with my life. My "go-to" when I'm feeling overwhelmed is to get very caught up in negative thoughts about my body and I was getting tired of that same thought process leading nowhere.

Courtney (and this community) taught me different ways of managing my overwhelm that were positive, constructive and beneficial.

Now when I'm overwhelmed and go to my familiar, unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, I have tools to help get me out of that space more quickly... BIG WIN!!

I highly recommend Courtney and the Rumble & Rise community because you will be supported, connected and learn so many things that will help you find balance in your life. Courtney has created a community of women who truly care about each other. We celebrate each other's wins and support each other in our rumbles. By being in this community, I feel connected to women around the world who are going through many of the same things that I am. I am so grateful to have found this community!

Claire Schulz Bergman

I know I help my own clients with similar content at times, but allowing myself to be your client and do the work that I help others with is proving to be a rich experience.

I am excited to see what the next year brings for me.

I can’t imagine getting there without you and this supportive community you have built, your keen listening and good questions, and how you pull the wisdom in the health arena together into digestible and practical information and support.

Karen Flood

Take radical responsibility for your own self-care.

I knew then, this community was different from others I have seen. At that point, I knew I wanted more, and that's when I started my one-on-one coaching with Courtney. When she says "sensible action steps and lasting change" she means it!

Our calls often centered around the smallest of tasks that I could easily accomplish to start rebuilding trust in myself and reinforce my commitment to remembering that I am worthy of that trust.

I appreciated Courtney's directness and the ways she challenged my perceived boundaries and helped me to see reasons to celebrate my success, always with heartfelt compassion and understanding. Not only that, she led me to a place where I learned to use those tools outside of our time together, by myself and for myself.

I recently finished with my one-on-one coaching and am now setting my sights on immersing myself in the community even further. For me, this looks like attending coaching calls, master classes, and seeking even more engagement with the very women who like me, have rumbles and rises every single day.

If you have been thinking of joining, stop thinking and just do it! You ARE worth the effort, and with the support of Rumble & Rise (and a little Grace & Grit) truly anything is possible. Thank you Courtney!

- Whitney Brown

Courtney, it has been a gift to walk with you and learn on my journey of self-leadership to becoming my best and healthiest and for my future!

You're right, it doesn't happen overnight; life happens all around us and there is no magic pill.

Since turning 50, it was a gift to myself to Rumble & Rise with you and this community of great women.

I have learned so much, and the upmost important thing for me is to better manage my thoughts and to not borrow the beliefs of others, whilst being in control of myself, my day, and planning my weeks.

Thank you and still much to learn, embed and practice. Grateful for the insight into how to be "graceful" with myself, while digging deep when "grit" is needed to be strong and focused. I look forward to more chapters...

Cheryl Faber

Expert help every step of the way!

I learned about Rumble & Rise through the Grace & Grit podcast, and Courtney's messaging about obtaining deep health really resonated with me! Her message included the mechanics of health and fitness, and she went way beyond that to topics like self-leadership and self-trust.

I've been a member of Rumble & Rise for 2 1/2 years and recently renewed my membership because Rumble & Rise is a positive and non-judgmental space for women in mid-life who are interested in living authentically - whatever that means to them - and having the support of Courtney and other women in the group while they rumble and celebrate their rises. I now have the tools to lead myself better, especially through perimenopause and beyond.I'm so much more self-aware, I communicate better about my own needs which makes me a better wife, parent, and overall human, and I've established self-trust. Rumble & Rise is truly a group of amazing women who have been such a positive force in my life!

If Courtney's podcast resonates with you then Rumble & Rise will help you to implement what you say is important to you. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain! You'll get out of it what you put into it. Three wins that I've had since joining Rumble & Rise: I follow through with what I say is important to me, I've set boundaries with others where there were none, and both of these wins increase my authenticity and self-trust. Hope to see you in Rumble & Rise! 🙂

Natalie Knight

Become a better version of yourself.

I decided to join Rumble & Rise as a 40th Birthday present to myself. Courtney has helped me make so many positive changes in my life - I’m becoming a better version of myself - from being able to do push-ups to setting boundaries & being brave enough to pursue what I really want in life. My husband is now recommending his friends encourage their partners to join!

Merodia Rodgers

Unpacking the barriers. Together.

Courtney is simply amazing. She focuses on unpacking the barriers to me choosing healthier options in such a non-judgmental way. She is so patient and upbeat. Even if we've gone over the same issue (meal planning), she always comes up with new, encouraging methods to get me back on track. She's such a bright light in my life!

Shan Liu

Develop a practice of self coaching and claiming your confidence.

I joined Rumble & Rise as a young woman who wanted to take on her life with confidence and pursue her dreams and passions, but I struggled to believe in myself and take ownership for how I showed up and this was holding me back.

Rumble & Rise has guided me towards a practice of self coaching and claiming my confidence. It has enabled me to choose the life that I want and perceive the circumstances in my life in a way that is nourishing rather than depleting.

It has taught me to set boundaries and honor myself on the deepest levels possible. If you are someone who is considering going Rumble & Rise I highly encourage you to do so, working with Courtney has become a non negotiable in my life, and this program will completely change your life in the best ways possible.

Because of Rumble & Rise I have developed more nourishing and healthy relationships with the people I love, received two promotions in my career, and built a practice of showing up to things that matter to me with confidence which are all very big wins for me!

Zoe Loudermilk

I have one regret about hiring Courtney as a coach this past year: I wish I’d known about her sooner!

At 61 years old, I felt certain the chances of improving my strength and fitness were well behind me; turns out I’d just never had the right teacher!

On the recommendation of some young people I trust, I hired Courtney because I needed someone to oversee an exercise program for me.

I got that and coaching on so much more – overall health, nutrition, goal-setting, mindset, behavioral modifications…and the importance of extending grace to oneself along the journey.

Courtney is impressively reality-based, patient, and compassionate, and she is fierce about helping her clients discover what works best for them – no cookie-cutter approach here.

I am so happy with the results I achieved: inches lost, clothes all fit again, improved posture, strength, and confidence, and – best of all – the lessons learned have made me optimistic about continuing to improve my health and ability to stay physically active for a long time to come.

Every woman, of any age, deserves to benefit from Courtney’s excellence. I encourage everyone considering her as a coach to take the leap; you won’t regret it.

- Mary Lynn Bernacchi. Chicago, IL

Being a member of Rumble & Rise for the past year has helped me tremendously.

Courtney's holistic approach to wellness and the way she teaches concepts has really helped to simplify things for my brain and made it easier to actually DO the things I said I would do for myself. My relationship with myself has improved significantly because of this experience.

Angela Gaudet


Change old patterns.

I joined Rumble and Rise in 2020 after hearing Courtney speak on a friend’s podcast and following her for many months. I decided I needed more than just the podcast and really wanted to be part of a community of women who I resonated with and could learn from.

In the time I’ve been a part of this group I’ve learned so much about myself, my mindset, and my physical body. I’ve changed old patterns and continue to grow in ways I couldn’t have done without this group. I’ve learned from other wellness professionals Courtney has introduced and from other members in the community.

I truly look forward to the times I can be on a live call and see the faces of women I’ve grown with. Anyone looking to grow, change, connect or just be curious should truly give this group a try! I’ve been so inspired that I’m now working on some new avenues in the health and wellness field for my own path to hopefully be able to inspire others!


Improve your life, self-image, self-leadership and overall health.

Where do I start? I joined Rumble and Rise in April of 2020 when COVID was just starting to ramp up.

Courtney had an amazing free virtual program full of women speaking on many different topics. After this, I HAD to know more! In the last 2 1/2 years, the experience has changed my life! Courtney and the community of women are so amazing, it really is hard to describe.

The information in Rumble and Rise is so rich in wisdom and knowledge. It is the best way that I have found to make improvements in my life, my self-image, my self-leadership and my overall health. I have lived most of my life with a negative self-image and practiced negative self-talk (things that I would never say to another person).

My work in Rumble and Rise has changed the way that I view myself and the way that I talk to myself, now giving myself grace. I cannot thank Courtney enough for sharing her gifts with me and giving me the opportunity to be in community with other amazing women!

Valerie Poppert