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One-hour health consultation

A one-hour health consultation. We discuss what you’d absolutely love to accomplish in the journey ahead. (Even if it’s a little or a lot scary). We go over your health…

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A total exercise and eating education

Remember that old saying about teaching a man to fish? Rather than coddling you by telling you what you can and can’t eat or do, I’m going to teach you…

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Your personalized prime-of-your-life plan

I will help you break down your big goal into smaller parts so that you won’t feel so overwhelmed. I will teach you about how the human body works so…

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Weekly Calls

Weekly phone calls to support you, kick your butt, and keep you excited about your plan. Each week, we’ll hop on the phone for a 30-minute coaching call. You’ll know…

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Personalized emails

Personalized emails with specific tips, tricks, and motivation. These gems will keep you uplifted, energized, and focused while you work towards your goal. (Especially when you hit those inevitable ruts…

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