Invite Courtney Townley to be a guest on your podcast.

Courtney has been helping women worldwide take better care of themselves with more consistency and ease for the past 20 years. She helps women mend their relationship with themselves so they can achieve deep health and live with more power, purpose, and impact.

Her work is firmly rooted in the philosophy that deep health isn’t about following someone else’s set of rules and regulations for your life; it is about getting to know yourself better so you can lead yourself better.



Why Courtney Will Make An Excellent Guest

Courtney is the hostess of the highly-rated Grace & Grit podcast, which has over 350 episodes to date. If you have an audience of midlife women, it is likely that many of them struggle to take care of themselves while balancing all their responsibilities and navigating hormonal shifts.

When you book Courtney as a guest on your show, she will not only normalize many of the rumbles women are facing in their own health journey, but she will also provide tools and resources to help them out their best years ahead of them rather than behind them.

Topics Courtney Can Speak On

Consistency, Mindset, Self-Image, Goal Setting, Motivation, Decision Making, Stress Management, Healthy Lifestyle Habits

If you haven’t found the specific topic you were looking for, we encourage you to share your interests with Courtney. Your input is highly valued and can shape the direction of the interview.

A Sampling Of Courtney’s Guest Interviews

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with Jackie MacDougall

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with Ali Shapiro

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with Amber De La Garza

After booking, Courtney’s team will provide her media kit with everything needed to easily promote the episode.

Courtney will promote the published episode on her social media platforms, on her website, and to her email list.

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