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Power-Full Aging (Part 4): Express Yourself

359: Power-FULL Aging (Part 4): Express Yourself

One of the most common things I coach midlife women on in my coaching practice is integrity pain, the very real discomfort that shows up mentally, emotionally and even physically,…

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When the data says your "well" but you feel far from it.

275: When the data says you’re “well” but you feel far from it.

I can’t tell you the number of women I have worked with over the years who hired me because they don’t feel well even though their blood profiles and hormone panels say that everything is just fine.

Is it all in their head?

No. There is simply more to the story that they have yet to uncover.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I help listeners explore what else might be at play and it’s probably not what you think.

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