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Why Diet & Exercise Aren't Enough

130: Why Diet & Exercise Aren’t Enough

Although there are many forms of stress that directly influence our health, in this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I specifically address the power that psychological stress has to influence physiology.

You could be doing everything right with your diet and exercising religiously but, if you aren’t managing what is happening in your head, you may either struggle to create the results you are looking for and/or maintain the results you create.

The work that I do with my clients focuses just as much on mindset as it does diet and exercise and today I want to explain WHY learning to manage your psychological stress has EVERYTHING to do with optimizing your physiology.

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Understanding the Unique Challenges of Female Physiology w/ Stacy Sims, PhD

099: Understanding the Unique Challenges of Female Physiology w/ Stacy Sims, PhD

As someone who has dedicated her life to helping women up-level their health, I am always on the lookout for people who understand female physiology and the unique training challenges that women face. Women, after all, are NOT little men, as my guest on the show today, Stacy Sims, PhD, so perfectly states.

Stacy Sims, a nutrition scientist and exercise physiologist, understands female chemistry in a way that very few people do. Her book, ROAR: How to match your food and fitness to your female physiology for optimum performance, great health and a strong lean body for life is chock full of research and education to help women and anyone who trains women, optimize performance and recovery.

I cannot emphasize how much I appreciate this book. It validates so many things I have long wrestled with as a female athlete and a health coach who works solely with women.

This podcast is RICH with insight and tips to help optimize female physiology. Have a listen. You will not be disappointed that you did.

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