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The Road We've Traveled

264: The Road We’ve Traveled

The Grace & Grit Podcast is where I challenge women to reconsider what health really is and the strategies they are using to go about nurturing theirs. Rumble & Rise is my private community where I help members put rubber to the road. In other words, it is where we do the work.

In this final Grace & Grit Podcast of 2021, I share with you the road we have traveled inside of Rumble & Rise over the past 12 months and extend to you a special invitation to join us in 2022.

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The Cornerstones of Progress

248: The Cornerstones of Progress

Progress towards any goal is rarely linear and there may be times when you feel you just aren’t making any at all. Today’s podcast is in tribute to those days.

In this episode, I introduce the 4 cornerstones of progress that are sure you keep moving forward even on the most challenging days.

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