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Power-Full Aging (Part 4): Express Yourself

359: Power-FULL Aging (Part 4): Express Yourself

One of the most common things I coach midlife women on in my coaching practice is integrity pain, the very real discomfort that shows up mentally, emotionally and even physically,…

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Boundaries for Breakthroughs: The Upside of Self-Imposed Limits

348: Boundaries for Breakthroughs: The Upside of Self-Imposed Limits

Self-imposed limitations aren’t always a bad thing. Establishing limits for yourself can actually be a kindness; a form of self-respect and even self-care. This episode of the Grace & Grit…

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312: Boundaryless: The cost of refusing to set limits.

Many people struggle to implement boundaries with themselves and with others. And one of the reasons they struggle is because of what they are making boundaries mean. Boundaries will make…

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Setting Goals That Have Weight to Them in 2017

050: Setting Goals That Have Weight to Them

A New Year is dawning, which for many women is a popular time to set or recommit to goals. Unfortunately, when it comes to health goals, many women are thinking too small…literally. Far too many health goals are based on aesthetics alone specifically, ones revolving around weight loss, which doesn’t create a ton of traction in the motivation department (at least not traction that extends beyond a few weeks).

In this week’s podcast, I dish out some “food for thought” when it comes to establishing health goals that are weighty enough to carry you all the way home to sublime health.

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Grace & Grit Podcast: Healthy Traveling

024: Staying Committed to Healthy Habits While Traveling

Traveling can be wildly disorienting when it comes to taking care of yourself; you’re away from your kitchen, your workout space and your familiar schedule. Travel demands that you become more creative and flexible to ensure you still give your body, mind and soul what they deserve…your attention. And while it isn’t always easy, with a little pre-planning, it is possible.

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