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Becoming Your Own Healer w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

116: Becoming Your Own Healer w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

There are certainly a lot of challenges that can present themselves as we age AND we also have a lot of choice in how much hardship we experience as we move through those challenges.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, Dr. Anna Cabeca and I cover a tremendous amount of territory on aging gracefully as a woman, including:
• How hormones affect our physiology and how they change as we age.
• How physiology drives behavior, and what we can do to improve our physiology.
• The anti-aging benefits of relationships and community.
• How trauma can impact the severity of menopause.
• The power cortisol has to disrupt hormones.
• The role gut health plays in hormone balance.
• Sexual health and so much more!

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