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Customizing Your Journey Back to Health with Mary Miller Brooks

199: Customizing Your Journey Back to Health w/ Mary Miller Brooks

The diet industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that has sold people on the notion that “what works for one person will work for everyone”. And it has failed, miserably.

Wellness is not a cookie-cutter formula that can be applied to every human. In fact, the path that will return a person to a state of well-being is as unique as the individual who is pursuing it.
In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I have invited my friend and nutritionist extraordinaire, Mary Miller Brooks to the show, to discuss why it is so important to customize the journey back to health.

We cover a lot of ground, discussing things like:
=> gut health
=> thyroid health
=> food mapping
=> sweating as a detox mechanism

…and so much more!

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