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The Death of Dieting

Strategies for Upleveling Your Health Without "Dieting"

110: Strategies for Upleveling Your Health Without “Dieting”

What an awesome month it has been on the Grace & Grit podcast! We did a deep dive into the science behind why diets don’t work, how to bust out of diet prison and so much more.

In this episode of the podcast, I summarize the ground we have covered over the past 3 weeks during the “Death of Dieting” theme and dish out some tried and true strategies you can implement to greatly improve your health in a sane and, most importantly, sustainable fashion.

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Escaping Diet Prison w/ Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN

109: Escaping Diet Prison w/ Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN

This week, I am super honored to be hosting Rebecca Scritchfield, a registered dietitian nutritionist and exercise physiologist on the show, for the second time. I adore this woman’s energy, philosophy, and fierce passion for helping rescue women from “diet prison”.

Rebecca appropriately refers to herself as the anti-diet dietitian. She is the author of Body Kindness, which I have gifted to MANY of my clients and she is just an all-around awesome human who is doing important work in the world in the realm of women’s health.

So if you are someone who is tired of buying into fad diets and are ready for an alternative path to wellness, sit back and enjoy this interview I did with Rebecca.

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Episode 108: Secrets From the Eating Lab w/ Traci Mann PhD

108: Secrets From the Eating Lab w/ Traci Mann PhD

This month’s deep dive on the podcast is into the wild and seriously misinformed world of dieting. I appropriately titled the theme of this month’s podcast: The Death of Dieting.

Dieting sucks and more importantly it doesn’t work for the long haul and to better help us understand why that is the case, I have invited Traci Mann to be a guest on the show. Traci is a professor of psychology, founder of the Health and Eating Lab at the University of Minnesota and author of Secrets from the Eating Lab: The Science of Weight Loss, the Myth of Willpower and Why You Should Never Diet Again.

We cover a tremendous amount of ground in today’s interview including:
• Why diets don’t work.
• Why you should focus on living on the low end of your set weight range
• The Myth of willpower
• Strategies for what will improve your relationship with food
• Why “obesity will not kill you”
• The incredible health benefits of exercise and why weight loss should not be the primary goal of exercise

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