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Raising Girls with Grace & Grit

181: Raising Girls w/ Grace & Grit

How do we raise girls to honor the needs of their body, mind, and soul?
How do we raise girls to develop deep self-respect and self-love?
How do we raise girls to build resilience against “diet culture”?

We lead from the front, of course. Regardless of whether or not we have daughters.

What would a girl learn from you about self-care, self-respect or even self-love if she observed you for a day?
That is a powerful thing to consider if you are someone who recognizes that women are more than a body and deserve more than what the diet culture has offered them.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I explore the challenges girls are facing in today’s culture and how we can show them, by example, what it means to direct yourself with Grace & Grit.

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Escaping Diet Prison w/ Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN

109: Escaping Diet Prison w/ Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN

This week, I am super honored to be hosting Rebecca Scritchfield, a registered dietitian nutritionist and exercise physiologist on the show, for the second time. I adore this woman’s energy, philosophy, and fierce passion for helping rescue women from “diet prison”.

Rebecca appropriately refers to herself as the anti-diet dietitian. She is the author of Body Kindness, which I have gifted to MANY of my clients and she is just an all-around awesome human who is doing important work in the world in the realm of women’s health.

So if you are someone who is tired of buying into fad diets and are ready for an alternative path to wellness, sit back and enjoy this interview I did with Rebecca.

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Episode 094: Lift Like a Girl w/ Nia Shanks

094: Lift Like a Girl w/ Nia Shanks

I have been a fan of Nia Shank’s for a very long time and she has been a champion among an army of women who’s message inspires the work that I do as a health coach, trainer and host of this podcast. If you go to Nia’s website, and I strongly suggest you do, you will see that she introduces herself as a coach and a writer who shares health and fitness information that doesn’t suck.

Not only does the information she deliver not suck, it is helpful, real and goes against the grain of what the mainstream diet and fitness industry are feeding women. And frankly, I think we need a lot more of the type of information that Nia delivers in the world.

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Grace & Grit Podcast

011: Why You Should Focus on Healing, Not Weight Loss, to Get Healthy

Most women don’t consider that calorie cutting and exercise are forms of stress. They are great stressors in a system that can handle them, but to be honest most women who are experiencing come form of physiological breakdown are not in the best position to be dealing with MORE stress, they need to unload their stress. In other words, women need to heal their systems BEFORE they add stressors like calorie cutting and cardio. Just as an athlete has to fortify their system to be able to handle the demands of competition, you need to heal your system to be able to handle the demands of things like calorie restriction and aggressive workouts.

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