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Relationships & Your Health

259: Relationships & Your Health

Relationships are messy, unpredictable and wildly imperfect. And perhaps no time of year exposes that truth quite like the holidays.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I remind listeners about what they can control within relationships this season (and every season) and what they can’t, with the hopes that it will help them travel through the holidays with less stress and a whole lot more peace and joy.

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Audacious Self-Care w/ Sunny Joy McMillan

125: Audacious Self-Care w/ Sunny Joy McMillan

Unhappy and unfulfilling relationships take a toll on our physical and psychological health. My guest on this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, Sunny Joy McMillan, strongly believes unsticking these relationships (through improvement or dissolution) is vital to our mental, emotional, spiritual AND physical well-being. And living in alignment with our truth has very positive effects on the body.

Sunny shares her journey of what she calls “audacious self-care”, which for her looked like ending her high conflict marriage and walking away from her Instagram perfect life, so she could rediscover herself and step into the life she feels she was truly meant to live.

In this episode, Sunny and I also discuss:
• the necessity of doing your own inner work to create healthy relationships
• the cost of trying to fit into other people’s idea of who we should be
• the power of beliefs and thoughts
• how compassion is linked to motivation
• how to befriend resistance
• the wisdom of the body and why we should listen to it

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Relationships – The Key to Better Health

124: Relationships – The Key to Better Health

In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I introduce this month’s theme, Relationship and why I think up-leveling our relationships is the linchpin to deep health.

This is a topic I have wanted to dive into for a really long time and…well… the time has come!

Now, most people when they hear the word relationship, they think of our relationship with others. And while that is certainly 1 form… there are so many others.

Relationship with self.
Relationship with food.
Relationship with exercise.
Relationship with discipline.
Relationship with success.
Relationship with failure.
Relationship with time.

Relationship is really how we experience life and if we want to improve any aspect of our life, we have to improve our relationships.

Interested to hear more? Check out this episode!

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