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Blood Sugar Regulation and Why It Matters w/ Mary Miller Brooks

288: Blood Sugar Regulation and Why It Matters w/ Mary Miller Brooks

This past month inside of my Rumble & Rise membership community I taught an in-depth class all about mending our relationship with sugar. More specifically, how to regulate blood sugar. And…

As a bonus to the masterclass that I taught, I invited my dear friend and nutritionist extraordinaire, Mary Miller Brooks, in to have a conversion with me.

The conversation was so rich, I decided to share it with the Grace & Grit community.

In this interview, Mary & I discuss:

• What blood sugar is,
• The consequences of dysregulated blood sugar,
• Lifestyle factors that influence blood sugar,
• Ways to measure blood sugar

… and so much more!

If you are interested in better understanding blood sugar regulation give this a listen (better yet… come join us inside the Rumble & Rise community).

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Rumbling with Courtney: Your Questions Answered

202: Rumbling with Courtney: Your Questions Answered

This week for the podcast I decided to reach out to my community and ask them what they were rumbling with, and I got some GREAT questions that are going to be relevant to a lot of women. Listen in and feel free to drop your own questions in the comments for me to answer in a future podcast.

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Immunity TLC

192: Immunity TLC

Sleep deprivation + stress + sugar + alcohol + close proximity to loved ones + travel + enclosed + winter = the perfect recipe for a compromised immune system. And there is not time of year where all of these ingredients are more potent than the holidays.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I dive into how each of these elements compromises immunity and what you can do to fortify your immunity, so you can roll into the new year healthy and ready to tackle all that you have planned.

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The Sugar Smackdown

051: The Sugar Smackdown

This is the time of year people are looking for the quick fixes that can unravel the damage they did over the past few months. And we are being honest about it, people are really looking for the quick fixes that will unravel not just a few months but years (even decades) of neglecting their health. If you know anything about the message and mission of Grace & Grit, you know I can’t stand the notion of quick fixes, mainly because habit change takes time (and quick fixes are short on time).

That being said, the body is an amazing organism and will respond quite quickly when shown a bit of TLC. When you purge from your diet the things that deplete you and replace those things with more of the stuff that nourishes you, you feel better, you look better, and you are motivated to keep doing better.

So in today’s podcast, I talk about the one thing that is toxic to everyone’s health and how to get it out of your diet for good. That thing is refined sugar.

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