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Courtney has been helping women around the world take better care of themselves with more consistency and ease for the past 20 years. She helps women mend their relationship with themselves so they can achieve deep health and deliver their best to the things that matter most to them.

Deep health, in her opinion, isn’t about following someone else’s set of rules and regulations for your life, it is about getting to know yourself better so you can lead yourself better.

She is the hostess of the highly-rated podcast, Grace & Grit, where she encourages women to expand the definition of health far beyond the topics of diet and exercise.

Courtney is a level 2 certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition, a certified strength coach via the National Strength & Conditioning Association and a certified life coach via The Life Coach School.

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  • A deep dive into the foundational five that will help you physically and emotionally thrive.


  • Are you ready to elevate your health and amplify your personal power in 2023?

  • The Grace and Grit Podcast takes the health fairy tale you've heard all your life and turns it upside down and inside out, helping women rebuild their relationship with their body once and for all.