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Power-Full Aging (Part 4): Express Yourself

359: Power-FULL Aging (Part 4): Express Yourself

One of the most common things I coach midlife women on in my coaching practice is integrity pain, the very real discomfort that shows up mentally, emotionally and even physically,…

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Power-FULL Aging (Part 3): Supporting Biochemistry

358: Power-FULL Aging (Part 3): Supporting Biochemistry

Losing hormones at midlife can make life challenging in so many ways AND… There are a lot of things we can do to minimize suffering as we transition through pre…

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Power-FULL Aging (Part 2): Rethinking Your Approach

357: Power-FULL Aging (Part 2): Rethinking Your Approach

Attention, ladies! It’s time to rethink our approach to health and wellness if we want to age power-fully. Our bodies undergo profound changes as we cross the midlife threshold, with…

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Power-FULL Aging (Part 1): Embracing Change

356: Power-FULL Aging (Part 1): Embracing Change

Let’s face it—getting older isn’t a negotiable part of life. You’ve got some serious control over how that aging journey unfolds. You could make it a bit of a downer,…

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The Gift of Aging w/ Diann Wingert

118: The Gift of Aging w/ Diann Wingert

I met today’s guest on the Grace & Grit podcast, Diann Wingert, at a conference I was invited to speak at called Forty Thrive. Diann was also a speaker at the event and I was so riveted by what she had to say about the gifts of the aging process, that I invited her to be a guest because I knew her message would resonate with the Grace & Grit audience.

In this interview, Diann and I have a great conversation about:

• Learning to be grateful and graceful as you age.
• Breaking the mold of cultural conditioning to go after your dreams at any age.
• What it means to display active courage to take full possession of your life.

…and so much more

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Becoming Your Own Healer w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

116: Becoming Your Own Healer w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

There are certainly a lot of challenges that can present themselves as we age AND we also have a lot of choice in how much hardship we experience as we move through those challenges.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, Dr. Anna Cabeca and I cover a tremendous amount of territory on aging gracefully as a woman, including:
• How hormones affect our physiology and how they change as we age.
• How physiology drives behavior, and what we can do to improve our physiology.
• The anti-aging benefits of relationships and community.
• How trauma can impact the severity of menopause.
• The power cortisol has to disrupt hormones.
• The role gut health plays in hormone balance.
• Sexual health and so much more!

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Aging Gracefully

115: Aging Gracefully

Aging… it is inevitable.

The good news is…

We have a choice in how it goes down: we can fight it (despite knowing we can never win) or we can learn how to embrace it.

For the majority of my 20-year career, helping women to improve their health, I have largely worked with the population 40+ and in this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I discuss three things that I believe are essential to be a woman who ages gracefully.

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The Art of Going Gray w/ Betsy Ogden

073: The Art of Going Gray w/ Betsy Ogden

There is no denying that the aging process poses some challenges to our physiology. I just turned 40 this year, and what my body needs at this stage of my life is a bit more complex than what it needed in my 20’s. Aging demands a new level of respect when it comes to how we care for our body so we can continue to engage with the things that light us up and make us feel fully alive.

On today’s episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I have invited to the show, Betsy Ogden, who is a huge advocate of women’s health especially to the population of women 50+. She has an online business aptly named, “The Art of Going Gray”, where she shares her passion and knowledge of healthy living with her clients and fans.

Betsy is a former dancer, physical therapist and movement enthusiast, who strongly believes that a “moving life is a healthy life”. And, of course, I agree, so I am thrilled to have her here today to share a bit of her wisdom with us and to help us reframe our expectations of aging.

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Reflections on turning 40

054: Reflections on turning 40

I don’t know about you, but I grew up clinging to the myth that once a woman turned 40, life would be over (the black balloons at my mother’s 40th birthday made quite an impression apparently). And having turned 40 myself a week ago, I have to say my experience has taught me something quite different: Life is really stinking good at 40.

Unfortunately, our media culture cultivates a lot of fear around aging for a woman. Aging gracefully and optimistically, I believe, has a lot to do with the level of respect you have for your mind, body, and soul and I am a firm believer that the earlier we can start this conversation with our daughters and granddaughters, it is likely that we will save them from a lot of unnecessary pain and frustration has they grow older.

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