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Summer Remix Series: The Intro & Outro of Your Day

332: Summer Remix Series: The Intro & Outro of Your Day

This episode is part of the Grace & Grit Summer Remix Series which started with episode 330. This series will reintroduce episodes that have previously been published as reminders that self-development…

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Health is a verb.

278: Health is a verb.

You can rock a swimsuit AND not like yourself.
You can have six packs abs AND suffer from dis-ease.
You can be an amazing athlete AND struggle with disordered eating.

Popular media culture loves to push health as a look, but the truth is health is a way of being.

In this week’s episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I talk about what it means to embody health and the practices that will help you do just that.

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Facing the Truth of Your Life

268: Facing the Truth of Your Life

Who you are currently being in the world is a culmination of the things you have practiced so many times you have quite literally become those things.

Clients will often say, “that’s just the way I am” as if they are bound to that way of being forever.

Not true!

If your practices to this point in your life shaped your current state of being, new practices can develop you into a new state.

To develop new practices, however, you are going to have to face the truth of your current practices (minus the blame, shame, and judgment).

In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I am sharing a few tips and tricks on how to do just that.

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The Road We've Traveled

264: The Road We’ve Traveled

The Grace & Grit Podcast is where I challenge women to reconsider what health really is and the strategies they are using to go about nurturing theirs. Rumble & Rise is my private community where I help members put rubber to the road. In other words, it is where we do the work.

In this final Grace & Grit Podcast of 2021, I share with you the road we have traveled inside of Rumble & Rise over the past 12 months and extend to you a special invitation to join us in 2022.

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5 Ways I am Deepening My Own Practice of Joyful Living

143: 5 Ways I am Deepening My Own Practice of Joyful Living

We have been doing a deep dive all month long into the topic “The Practice of Joyful Living” and in today’s episode, I share 5 ways I am committed to deepening my own joyful living practice in 2019, which includes:

• Creating negative space in my schedule.
• Cultivating more opportunities for connection.
• Leaning deeper into the practice of letting go.
• Granting myself permission to evolve.
• Looking for reasons to be joyful in ALL situations.

Have a listen and share your thoughts!

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Building a Practice vs. Chasing Results

131: Building a Practice vs. Chasing Results

Everywhere you turn there seems to be a new product, formula, program, pill or system being sold to you promising RESULTS. Sadly, people buy into these promises in droves to improve their health, but these measures can often further damage their health by causing them to develop a phobia of food, disordered eating patterns, hormonal challenges…and so much more.

Chasing results is not the same as improving health.
In fact, I have worked with many clients over the years who were so focused on creating certain results with their physiology, that they hugely sacrificed their physiological and psychological health to do so.

There is a big difference between chasing results and building a practice of better self-care (which results are typically the bi-product of…by the way).

You can spend your time, money and energy chasing what I call the “Hail Mary Approaches” to results (which you will struggle to sustain) OR you can invest in learning how to build a practice of better self-care so you can remove yourself once and for all from diet dogma and extreme measures.

This is the topic of today’s podcast. Listen and let me know your thoughts.

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Grace & Grit Podcast

004: Making Room for Change

You will have to “trim the fat” in your life to make room to practice healthy living regularly.

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