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The Sensibility of Seasonal Eating w/ Sara Bradford

113: The Sensibility of Seasonal Eating w/ Sara Bradford

I adore Sara Bradford SO much that I invited her back to the podcast for a third time!

Sara is registered holistic nutritionist, real food chef and facilitator of the wildly poplar Community Dumps, which help people to return to real food without doing crazy detoxes, taking supplements or any other extreme measures.

In this episode Sara and I talk about:
*The sensibility of seasonal eating
*Some of Sara’s favorite simple but delicious spring recipes
*How to simplify planning and prepping meals
*How to become more consistent with nutritious choices

You won’t want to miss it. Listen in!

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Thriving Through the Holidays with Sara Bradford

047: Thriving Through the Holidays w/ Sara Bradford

I am currently in the throws of teaching a new program this year that is really geared towards helping women maintain a high level of self-care during the holidays, and it is really something I should have started years ago. I was compelled to start this program because, every year during the holidays, I see women struggling more than any other time of the year to maintain their health standards.

They start putting their own self-care on the back burner to keep up with the demands of the season.

They allow boundaries to be crossed and far too many compromises around their own health to be made.

They do it all by rationalizing that they will do better come Jan 1. But …

January 1 comes and women are exhausted and sick (literally), because of all of the negotiating they did around they holidays, so they fail to do better. It is a painful cycle to watch, and I have watch it for too many years. Every year I joke that I am going to take February off because people are so crabby and bitter and sick, and I really believe a lot of that stems from what has happened around the holidays.

So…At 6am, every day for 1 month, I have a small but mighty group of women showing up on a live coaching call with me because they have committed to not losing themselves within the pile of stress & consumption that shows up simultaneously with the joy and celebration of the holidays.

And I wanted to extend a bit of holiday support to you as well, so today I have invited back to the show, my friend and nutritionist extraordinaire, Sara Bradford to discuss some of the specific challenges that show up around this time of year and how we can navigate them more successfully.

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Grace & Grit Podcast

012: The Scoop on Detox w/ Sara Bradford

Women are hearing a lot these days about the importance of detoxing and cleansing their bodies to optimize health. Unfortunately, many programs are selling aggressive tactics and pushing a lot unnecessary supplements to aid these natural processes. In this episode nutritionist Sara Bradford and I help women better understand your body’s natural detoxing ability and simple measures you can take today to help keep your detoxing systems running efficiently.

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