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10 Q's to Design a Year to Remember

193: 10 Q’s to Design a Year to Remember

How do you design a year to remember?

You ask yourself great questions, of course, so you can get clarity on where you are headed and how specifically you are going to get there.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I give you 10 very specific questions to ask yourself as you head into a new year so you achieve all of your goals and more!

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Making Sense of Menopause w/ Amanda Thebe

184: Making Sense of Menopause w/ Amanda Thebe

All month long on the Grace & Grit podcast the theme has been “Women’s Health Through the Ages”.  And in the past 3 episodes, I have dished out my best advice for women who want to honor their health at various different ages and stages.

In this final episode of this series, I have invited my incredible friend, Amanda Thebe, to the show to have a real conversation about the challenges women face in the menopausal years and how to move through those years with a bit more ease and grace.

Amanda is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the topic of menopause and she is doing incredible work in the world to help women demystify perimenopause and menopause.

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Building a Life Without Sacrificing Your Health

182: Building a Life Without Sacrificing Your Health

The month the theme on the Grace & Grit Podcast is Women’s Health Through the Ages.

Last week I dished out some advice about how to raise our girls with Grace and Grit and, in this week’s episode, I share a few thoughts about how women in their 20’s & 30’s can build a life without sacrificing their health to do so.

Even if you are well past your 30’s, this podcast is a great reminder to all women about the toll that too much stress can take on the human body and how we can help one another to navigate life more gracefully.

Have a listen. Share your thoughts. Better yet… share this with a woman you love.

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4 Delightful Ways to Come Home to Yourself

175: 4 Delightful Ways to Come Home to Yourself

Summer brings back fond childhood memories for many women; a time when we were less concerned about productivity and far more interested in seeking out fun, new adventures and even making new friends.

Most women I coach to improve their health and overall happiness with their life could benefit from an infusion of that childlike spirit.

Play, laughter, adventure, creativity, social connection and nature are nutrients that many women have pushed aside in their adult years because they are things that feel like guilty pleasures.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I remind listeners why these elements are so essential to your health and how to start infusing your life with more of them.

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The REAL Secret to Rocking Your Swimwear This Summer (it is not what you think)

173: The REAL Secret to Rocking Your Swimwear This Summer (it is not what you think)

The diet and fitness industries would have you believe that if you want to rock your swimwear (or any “wear”, for that matter), you need a detox, a highly specialized diet or a new exercise routine.

What you really need, I would argue, is to change the way you are thinking about your body.

When you shift your focus from all that is wrong with your body to all that your body is doing awesomely well, not only do you feel better, but you DO better. You take better care of things you appreciate. #truestory

In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I talk about ways to mend your body image so can spend less time beating yourself up and more time embracing the preciousness of summer.

Have a listen. Share your thoughts:)

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Best Summer Ever

172: Best Summer Ever

Last summer was NOT my best summer ever.

It was emotionally draining and I committed to way too many work projects, which made me feel like I literally missed the magic of summer. Which, I had a lot of disappointment about.

So, this year I took some time to be intentional about how I move through my summer, so I can experience as much summer magic as possible.

In this episode of the podcast, and all month long, the Grace & Grit Podcast will be dedicated to helping you design and live a summer that nourishes your mind, body, and soul.

I hope you’ll join me as we travel through the next few weeks, so you too can be very intentional about how you live your precious summer days.

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Modern Day Mental Health

167: Modern Day Mental Health

While we are facing a tremendous amount of physical health challenges in our culture today, mental health is the most pressing issue of our time.

Our ability to prevent, heal and manage modern-day health challenges is heavily influenced by the state of a person’s mind.

If you are serious about cultivating deep health for yourself, you would benefit tremendously by focusing as much attention on your mental health as you do your physical health. Perhaps, even more so.

In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I introduce why I chose this theme and what you CAN do to positively influence the state of your mental health via your lifestyle choices.

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Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself to Move Your Life to Higher Ground

148: Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself to Move Your Life to Higher Ground

I am a big believer that deep health is born out of the willingness to get to know yourself better; understanding why you do things that don’t really serve you and why you don’t do things that are in line with what you say you want for your life.

To improve your health, you must be willing to ask yourself some hard questions and honor the answers that you uncover.

Today’s episode introduces questions I have learned to ask myself often and much to move my life in a healthier direction.

Check it out and I’d love to hear the questions YOU ask yourself to better understand yourself and, ultimately, move your life to higher ground.

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Maintain Your Health Through the Summer With Structure & Flexibility

120: Maintain Your Health This Summer With the Right Dose of Structure & Flexibility

Summer can be a challenging time to stay on track with health promoting behaviors.  Schedules get packed with travel, company, and social events galore and sugar, alcohol, and processed foods…

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Grace & Grit Podcast

007: The One Thing You Cannot Ignore When Trying to Get Healthy

Your gut health has been referred to as the second brain! In this interview with holistic nutritionist, Laini Gray, we discuss how important gut health is, and how you can fortify yours.

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