028: The One Question to Ask to Dramatically Improve Your Relationship With Your Body

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Your body is listening to everything you say and really it should come as no surprise that your body is going to be less-than-compliant to the changes you are trying to make, if you are trying to bully it into submission (which…let’s face it, isn’t working, has never worked, and will never work).

How about extending a bit of grace to yourself? You know…kindness and compassion?

It’s probably been awhile since you have granted yourself any grace, so let me help you out.


4:00: How to focus on all that the body is rather than what it isn’t.

6:00: The language you use to talk about your body has a lot to do with the health of your body.

9:00: Gratitude changes our relationship to our bodies and our life.

12:00: Gratitude exercise.

15:30: The one question to ask to dramatically shift your relationship with your body.

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