171: When Protecting Your Mental Health Means Making Hard Choices w/ Marianne van den Broek Ph.D.

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Mental health should be a priority for EVERYONE, which is something we have emphasized throughout this month on the Grace & Grit Podcast.

Nourishing your mental health looks like:

  • Learning skills that help you navigate life challenges, gracefully.
  • Taking responsibility for your lifestyle choices.
  • Learning how to process ALL emotion without defending, distracting or numbing yourself.
  • Making difficult decisions to stay true to who you are and what you want for your life.

…just to name a few things.

My guest today, Marianne van den Broek Ph.D., is a licensed MD and psychiatrist, who spent 17 years pursuing a profession in the medical field that she eventually decided was not a good fit for her. So, she gave herself the grace to pursue work that DID feel in alignment with who she is and her mental health benefitted tremendously from it.

Yes, even mental health experts have to make hard decisions to honor and protect their own mental health.

More about today’s guest:

Marianne van den Broek, Ph.D., is a licensed MD and psychiatrist. Her decade of experience has taught her that everyone has a unique combination of strengths and personality. She now helps entrepreneurs leverage that combination for more business success doing what they love and do best.

Learn more: Website

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