Podcast Episode:

002: The 3 biggest mistakes women are making in their effort to get healthier.

The real reasons women are struggling to get healthy for the long term has more to do with mindset than strategy.

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1:00: How “thinking small” sabotages long-term health goals.

1:35: The role the diet industry plays in “thinking small”

2:45: Examples of what “thinking small” looks like.

3:55: The ONE THING everyone needs for deep health.

4:25: Self-respect is really a process of expansion.

6:10: Health is not an either/or conversation between self-love & self- discipline.

7:20: What you really need to be happy and healthy.

8:10: What discipline means to your health transformation.

9:25: The real reason you aren’t “doing the work”

10:15: The third obstacle to being successful with your health.

11:30: Anything in life worth having requires daily consistent effort.

12:30: Steps to take to make real and lasting change with your health.

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